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Herpes as butt of jokes on TV

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So, my boyfriend did not know he had herpes. And gave it to me. This was when we first got together intimately and a few weeks later or days later (I do not remember), I got the horrible horrible symptoms. I got tested and got tested positive for Herpes type II.

Honestly, it was frustrating and embarrassing. I've always taken my sexual health and physical health very seriously and trusted him. I am not mad at him, since he did not do it maliciously. He is a very mature and kind person, and I've been in horribly abusive relationships majority of my life..


Herpes does not hurt me anymore, outbreaks are not frequent and unnoticeable unless they are touched directly.


But anyway... I have forgiven him. It's hard to ignore the way society treats and sees herpes, as it's always the butt of a joke on TV. It's so uncomfortable when people make a herpes joke on TV or stand up comedy, especially if we are watching it together. I know he feels incredibly guilty for it and probably will forever... but what do you all do when a herpes jokes comes up on the TV? When it elicits reactions like ewwww, not me, dirty, etc.


How do you ignore that stuff? How do you not take it personal? If you have experienced the same situation as me, how do you alleviate the awkwardness?


Thank you all. Take care xx

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Funny thing is I was just thinking about this today, how would I deal with society and people making jokes about it ? Well first thing first I assume whoever joking or talking about it has one strain or the other orally or genitally it's a higher chance they have one strain or the other then not to have either strain because doctors and clinics don't test for it, somebodybthey slept with in the past most likely had either strain wether it's orally or genitally , I personally know people hat caught claumydia and gonorhea, and just laugh because herpes is not going anywhere it's always gonna be passed around I'm not the only one sitting here like omg I have it , it's almost like when people talk about stds in gene real and make fun of people that caught claumydia, there's people still gonna feel some type of way about it because they had it before and they will feel ashamed as well, there's people that literally make jokes about HIV and that's SERIOUS to someone's health , we don't have all the problems in the world it be much worse after my diagnosis I decided to stay away from social media more like Facebook instagram and so on because hats where I see ignorant people talk about herpes like they know wat they talking about

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