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Genital HSV-1 Recurrences - just want to check something with those that may know?!

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Hi Guys - what a great forum! Thanks for having me.


I'll try and break it down. About 6 years (January 2012) ago I broke out in a massive rash with sort of un-painful sores around my anus and genitals. The area was uncomfortable but sores weren't painful. I had both my GP and a private sexual health clinic look at it. Both said bad thrush infection - NO ONE swabbed! I was pretty convinced that i had got herpes as both guys I had been with over the space of two months suffered from cold sores.


5 months later I had what, I believe now, was my first recurrence just under my vaginal opening. One largish painless sore that started with a bit of burning cleared up in 10 days. 5 months after that a second recurrence that was about an inch away more on my inner bum cheek. has some leg nerve stuff happen just before i noticed it. That lasted about a week. I was nervous to get it checked out for whatever reason.


2 years went by and nothing then a little rough sex and i got one tiny sore about two days after (burning preceeded) that cleared up in about 5-7 days and virtually painless.


3 years go by again which leads me to new years eve 2017 just gone. Fooled around with a pretty young gorgeous guy who was quite inexperienced and quite rough with his hands! (we did not have sex). I woke up new years day quite bruised and sore down below. That took about 24 hours to calm down but low and below 72 hours later I got a sore under my vaginal opening again. So finally went and got it swabbed. Its come back positive (PCR DNA SWAB) for HSV TYPE 1. Just as I thought.

However about 24 hours after that sore appeared and after I'd had the swab another sore popped up a little to the left of it. Usually I have only had one sore pop up (or so I think). I was pretty raw after the new years eve madness from all the fingering and dry humping which makes me think I was way more sensitive down there (also completely run down, lack of sleep etc). Is it usual to sometimes have a bit worse of an outbreak with a couple of sores for GHSV1? None of it is severe. The original sore i had swabbed has healed in 5 days and the second one on its way out. I guess I maybe a little paranoid that it could be HSV2 as well? odds are not and its just a bit of a worse outbreak of type 1 due to all factors mentioned above? would a sore popping up in a recurrence 24hours after the first one be just the same?


Any experience with GHSV1 recurrences would be much appreciated.


I believe the time scale for my recurrences are consistent with the average recurrence rate for GHSV1 if you are going to get recurrences so to speak. one mild every 2/3 years.


To note - I have only had one full on sexual partner in all this time ( I believe he is who i caught my hSV1 off after oral 6 years ago). The 2nd guy was a no sex fumble (a few weeks before i met full on sexual partner0 and the young guy on new years was a no sex rough drunken fumble!!!

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ok so I had the second sore PCR swabbed. It is GHSV1. Can anyone with GHSV 1 comment on their recurrence rate? I seem to be getting something every 2-3 years. Minor - clears up in 4/5 days. Could it go longer? Its been about 6 years since i know I got this... would love to hear from people....Having a bit of a hard time in my head even though i know all the stats. Has anyone ever passed GHSV1 on genitally? For absolute sure? Thanks....

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