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Decrease in outbreak frequency

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I was diagnosed last month when I had my first outbreak during ovulation. I am experiencing another outbreak now, during ovulation. I am getting worried this will be a monthly occurrence for the rest of my life. What can I do? I have an adverse reaction to medications so I am feeling really stuck. My self-esteem and wellbeing is really suffering.

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How about trying the pill? Maybe preventing ovulation would help? Or you could work with someone knowledgeable about hormones (a few naturopaths are especially good at this—much more so than a typical doc) to get their feedback on how the monthly rise and fall of hormones might be affecting things.


Also, since you’re only one month into your diagnosis, you may find things lessen with time. It’s common to have a couple of outbreaks immediately following the initial one. I kept a calendar for a long time to track my symptoms. You might find the timing is purely coincidental.

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