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New Mom with HSV 2

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I have had hsv 2 for almost 5 years. The first year was the worst with breakouts once a month. Then they began to show up maybe 2-3 times a year for maybe a day or 2. Since giving birth, I have a breakout once to two times a month for the last 4 months. I’m sure stress and hormones play a role but damn! The first month of motherhood I was up every two to three hours to feed at night and I was so afraid of somehow touching a sore and then passing to baby in my exhausted state. I realize there’s a slim chance of that and I constantly wash my hands even after I shower with a wash cloth. I guess I need to hear other moms or dads with hsv and healthy children. If you can relate, being a parent, I worry about my child’s health all the time. The fact that I’m getting outbreaks now every 2 weeks or so is a constant reminder that I have a virus without a cure. I take Valtrex when I get a symptom but I hate doing that too as I read it can pass through breast milk. I’m hoping / praying the outbreaks will ease up again. I took Lysine daily before breastfeeding but was told by a lactation consultant it was not on the safe list. Does anyone know of any suppressive remedies to help while breastfeeding? Thank you from this tired new Mom.

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Oh okay I should have read it more harder, but that I didn't do my research about but it's probably best to talk directly to a doctor about that, because I know everything a mother eats kind of go through breast milk but I always read that valtrex is safe to take during pregnancy but definitely speak to doctor to be on the safe side , because even if a little passed it wouldn't harm your baby or even be enough to pass but be safe talk to doctor , congrats on your new baby by the way, it's a blessing to be able to have kids

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