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Can i switch from acyclovir to valtrex?

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I'm from the UK, I was given 3 months worth of valtrex as I wanted to start suppressive therapy but I hear valtrex has been clinically proven to reduce viral shedding.. would I be able to switch drugs?

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Yes. I just switched from Acyclovir to Valtrex as it was not working for me. I just made sure to wait a day between.

Both are known to reduce shedding so if acyclovir is working for you, I'd say, stay with it. Some folks note that valtrex is more expensive. It was not for me here in the US.

It also seems acyclovir is the gentlest of the two on our bodies over the long term - from my research since I just started Valtrex yesterday.

Happy Valetine's Day activities for the H positives... lol :)

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