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Various effects of herpes

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I was diagnosed with HSV2 in October 2017 after experiencing pelvic pain and finding the blisters myself. Upon diagnoses I was able to connect many of the other symptoms I was having. I started to google what other effects Herpes would have on my health and the results were super overwhelming but definitely explained a lot. First Thing I found out was that migraine headaches are definitely a result and/or symptom. I started getting "regular" cold sores on my upper lip and in my nose when I was about 9 years old; ironically, that was around the same time my migraines started as well. I also have eczema which herpes makes worse. I have had adult thrush too. Are there any remedies to some of these things?

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It sounds like you contracted oral HSV1 as a child which is very common, then genital HSV2 after becoming sexually active which is also very common.


Have you considered a hormonal link to your migraines? It's not uncommon for girls to begin getting migraines at puberty due to hormonal triggers.


There is medication for cold sores and genital sores, yes. Antivirals can be taken daily or episodically. When taken daily, half of people who have symptoms no longer have any outbreaks at all. The remaining half see a 70-80% reduction in symptoms. A very small number (I think .3%) get no relief from antivirals. When taken episodically (only when cold sores or genital sores appear) antivirals are taken for a few days to shorten the length of the outbreak. Some people also take daily antivirals to reduce the risk of transmitting HSV to a partner.


As for yeast infections, there are OTC topical preparations for vaginal infections, as well as oral medications such as diflucan. If the infection is oral, I would think the oral medication would be appropriate, but I'm not a medical professional, I'm only guessing.


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Thanks for responding. I only take pills on the first day of an ob so that my body doesnt become dependent on them in order to heal. I do believe I got HSV1 as a child from my dad as hes the only person I know that gets them. I believed my migraines may be hormonal at first so I tried various forms of hormone treatment and olacebos to see if it had any effect and still nothing. They come more often than not when I get a regular cold sore or have an ob or other outside factors too like sunlight. I didnt take anything for the oral yeast infection I just let it go away on its own. It did hurt like hell though. I will keep that medicine in mind just in case it happens again

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