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Different opinions from different doctors

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After going to the doctor for a small spot on my inner thigh, my world has been turned upside down. I went the ER, and the doctor told me to see my dermatologist. I saw my dermatologist, and he said that it was a misplaced HSV1 sore, and that he didn't think it was HSV2 as it wasn't near my vagina.. I went to my small town NP to get a blood test, and she was convinced it is HSV2 even before the results came back, and even though I didn't have the spot to show. Who do I believe? I've never had a spot on my actual genitalia, just on my leg. Yet my HSV2 only test (I asked for the one to show which I had, but they didn't order that one) came back with high levels of antibodies present. I mean I was post OB, so of course they should be high, right? I don't know what to think. My boyfriend is being incredibly supportive about it, and is working on getting his own blood test done. However, we have only used condoms, so I don't know if a negative result for him means anything for me. Advice? Words of encouragement? I'm really scared and angry.


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I tell ya, It is all very confusing when the medical staff don't agree on things or having differing information. I saw my gyno yesterday. Read my other post if you want.


He was like oh the sore or lesion needs to be swabbed and cultured to determine exactly what it is and that blood showing antibodies is not exact. Wtf does he mean. If you have a sore that looks just like a herpes sore, acts like a herpe sore, painful like a herpes sore AND the blood shows antibodies for hsv2. Then wouldn't that mean I have herpes virus in my system.

That's my Situation and thoughts on it. He was trying to say that he can't determine what I had without the culture results. He's saying that blood showing antibodies to it. means you've been "exposed" to it. But don't necessarily have it. That's his words, not mine. Weird.


The thing I do know is you could have had the virus way before your current bf. For me I've never had any symptoms, no outbreak that I ever noticed or anything in the past fifteen years. Then a month ago. Boom, awful painful lesion on my genitalia. My immune system was low, lots of stress and I have autoimmune disorder, So it decided to show up. I'm in a happy monogamous relationship and neither one of us have strayed in fifteen years.

I was shocked and horrified when the NP said it looked just like hsv2. And ordered me lab work which results said I had tested positive Igg hsv2. antibodies. Hsv1 was negative.


Herpes can be transmitted on parts of skin where a condom is not covering anywhere in "boxer short" area.

I can understand you're scared. I was too but as the weeks are going by and learning all I can about it. It is less scary. And you may have a mild case and never have a lesion again. That's possible.


My gyno doctor was very nonchalant About it almost saying that nearly everyone. will have antibodies to herpes. Only some people have full on break outs and bad case of it and other people are asymptomatic and have no symptoms at all.

It's possible your bf results maybe positive but it doesn't necessarily mean he gave it to you or you to him especially if you've both had previous intimate relationships.


Hang in there. And do what you can to de stress. It seems stress is not good for immune system and that's how these things emerge from hiding.







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Thank you for your response! I have tested negative for HSV1 and 2 twice. Once two years ago and once a year ago this May. I'm 26 and definitely not a saint, but I was living the safe sex life if you know what I mean. My boyfriend and I are definitely not pointing fingers at this point. We're both educated adults who know the risks of being sexually active. I just wish I wasn't left hanging in the balance with these doctors giving me mixed advice. I am transferring to a new OBGYN in a bigger town 30 minutes away to hopefully get some definite answers and some advice on how to keep my H- (hopefully) partner just that... negative. I did take Valtrex when first diagnosed with HSV1 by visual observation, and it did make the lesion go away. I just wonder if what my dermatologist (who I trust way more than the nurse practitioner) is right and I've been exposed to HSV1 but shouldn't have anymore outbreaks.

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