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Finally disclose my HSV2 status to my sex partner..

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After disclosure , I would like to share some of my feelings.


I have been diagnosed since 2016


It has been 2 years and I haven’t experienced any outbreaks.

The biggest change in my life is I don’t have (or I refused to )sex anymore since I got Genital HSV2.


I don’t want anyone to suffer from what I am suffering. Also no sex means I don’t need to disclose my status.


However, my ex sex partner ( not the one who infected me )came back to me recently and we haven’t contact for 2 years. He contacted me for casual sex as we did before. He kept pushing me to have sex with him and I kept finding excuses.


Two days ago we met for drinks and we kissed we touched but I didn’t allow him to get inside me. And he texted me today and kept asking me why I am not having sex with him. Or did I lost interest in him already.


He was pushing me so hard I can’t help but to disclose him my status.


All I want is to protect him from this disease.

I cannot put him at the risk even I am on daily suppressive Valaciclovir and we use condoms every time.


I told him I had Herpes and surprisingly he didn’t block me right away and he kept asking me my health status. I can see he tried to express his caring and thankfulness as I being honest with him.


Although there is no negative reaction from my partner , I feel so relieved that I don’t need to find stupid excuses to reject him. Also, I noticed that sex is already out of my life. Normal guys won’t accept a gal with STD.


Anyone can share their experience on disclosing HSV status to partners?

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Hi Sorry to hear your situation.
I understand it is a painful & shocking thing to find you out you have HSV2 & can take some time to overcome
but also you need to live life to the full, be loved & enjoy intimacy.

First thing I will say though, maybe it is a good thing you & your ex sex partner don't hook up, unless there are feelings between you
& you want to get together. Just sounds like he wants sex though!

Don't ever believe that normal guys wont accept a girl with an STD, because if you get to know the person, some people
can look way beyond that, some can't, but hey that's their loss!
We are not a disease, we are human beings who deserve to love & be loved just the same as any other, we are not dirty & you have got to
to believe that. 

We've all been there, I recently lost who I thought was that special one after disclosure, strangely she slept with me on two separate occasions after I told her before slowly turning colder towards me & stopping wanting to meet me. She stayed in contact with me for 2 & half months by texting & occasional phone calls, telling me she missed me,wanted to see me & how much she cared, until (I'm guessing) she found someone herpes free & decided she didn't want to talk to me anymore.
It hurts like crazy but it will never make me give up!


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