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Auto-Inoculation 3.5 years after 1st OB

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Hi all, new to this forum and I'm struggling.


I got HSV2 from a sexual assault 3.5 years ago, my original OB was on my left hand. After that I kept having reoccuring OBs and it eventually spread to my forehead, my right forearm, my lower back, and most recently my left leg. I have had these OBs cultured so I know they are all HSV2 and not something else. My last OB (on my left leg) was so severe I thought it was shingles at first. Much much worse than any of my other OBs. I missed almost a whole week of work.


I'm on a daily antiviral and have been for 3 years and keep having OBs and keep having them in NEW places. I really thought after 3 years my antibodies would prevent some of this. And I'm always very careful to keep my OBs clean and covered from the first signs of burning/itching.


My doctor is sending me to a specialist, I think maybe an immunologist (waiting to here back about my appointment).


Has anyone else had this kind of extensive auto-inoculation? I'm starting to be really concerned something is wrong with me (asides from the HSV2). I'm overweight, but healthy. Eat very well (almost exclusively organic), not malnourished or vitamin-deficient. I do have some stressors, but nothing that's not normal day-to-day stuff.


No one in my family seems to understand what I'm going through, so I'm grateful for this forum and look forward to hearing from some of you.


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So sorry to hear about all of this. I just can’t figure out why some people have ongoing ob’s and others don’t. Granted, mine have not been going on for years, but they are still too long. The 2 ob’s I’ve had so far went on for a few months. I’m getting close to the end of one now (I hope) it’s been going on since the last week of Jan. And I have type 1! I am otherwise healthy, or at least I thought. I went to the doctor the other day because of hsv caused inflammation, pain, and swelling. They said this prolonged ob is very atypical, but had no suggestions for me. So I’d be really interested in whatever your immunologist has to say. And I’d like to wish you the best of luck!!!

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I wasn't diagnosed until about 6 months after I contracted HSV-2. In that time I was travelling, caught it from a casual one-night-stand type of scenario (which was not a usual thing for me, and he was only my second sexual partner), and a little later dated someone where we were having regular sex for about a month without condoms, as our usual STD checks did not include herpes (some countries are like that unfortunately - mine only tests actual lesions). I didn't even pass it on to him, thankfully (we discussed it at length when I had returned home, got diagnosed, and told him), but it was surprising to me that I went all that time without a single OB. I was taking a break from university but I was still battling with depression quite badly, so I would have thought my stress and anxiety was pretty high still.


Since diagnosis (a year ago) I've had periods of frequent OBs, and nowadays I often feel them coming on so I take extra antivirals to try and prevent them or get rid of them quickly. The major difference is my lifestyle: I study two VERY demanding degrees. I developed anxiety a couple of years ago which my doctor said was a product of long-term stress. Throughout my university years I've had plenty of burnouts which have caused me to become physically ill, because my immune system would be very low. So unsurprising that when I come back to my high stress lifestyle, I'm suddenly getting a few nasty OBs and relatively frequent minor OBs, often popping up in new places *down there*.


So in my experience, and I am no expert, I think it is really important to take a holistic view towards HSV management. On top of trying to eat fairly healthily, and avoid certain foods (plenty of info online), I take a lot of supplements which give the immune system a HUGE boost (vit C + lysine together, garlic, probiotic, olive leaf is amazing but gross - those are all natural, ask your doctor or other specialist). Now when I get OBs it's usually if I've been lazy with antiviral meds and supplements. I've struggled with depression close to 10 years and have just had a breakthrough with my most recent therapist, referred by my doctor. I think lifestyle is huge and it is SO so important to look after your mental health and get support in that way if you need. And the good news is, there is support out there, and when you start to do a bunch of things to address your health generally (physical, emotional, spiritual/religious if that's you, etc) then you also start to gain a sense of control. I hope the immunologist was helpful. Again, I'm no expert, and I'm currently amid a nasty OB which kept me up all night last night, but I'm hitting everything hard in every way I can! (For quick soothing aloe vera gel is great and also ice - but be careful about long exposure beyond 15min with ice directly.) Good luck!!!!!

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