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I currently haven't been diagnosed with genital Herpes although I'm almost certain that I do. Six weeks after unprotected sex with a female I experienced some pain whilst peeing and yellow discharge. I went to the clinic and was tested to which the results for you routine tests were negative. Following that I developed a cold sore on my chin (I'd never had one before) so visited my GP and was immediately put on Acyclovir, i never had an outbreak but tingling on the tip of my penis.


Fast forward a month and I'd thought little of it, until I had a small ulcer develop on the tip of my penis, it was very small in size and has disappeared within 5 days, I did get it swabbed so waiting for the results of that test. I can handle having herpes but what I cant handle is the pain I'm currently having.


3 days after the ulcer formed I experienced some pain in the back of my left calf, almost like a sunburn pain. This has then spread to my testicles which is causing a severe numbing pain which is pretty unbearable. I've read up on Post Herpetic Neuralgia and seen that it can take months to years to get rid of. I can't imagine living my life with this pain and I just can't seem to function or continue at the moment. It's been about two days since having it.


- My question really is has anyone had experience in post herpetic neuralgia

- If so how long did it take to disappear?


The pain is awful and reading that nothing can really be done to address it is heartbreaking for me at the moment.


I need some help

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I am sorry you are in this pain. I wish I could help you but I never had any of those symptoms so I never researched it. I do know that it gets much much better as time passes (breakouts), I have had it since 1997 or so and I rarely even break out after leaving a very stressful job in 2016. I have had only 1 in 2 years. I just wanted to comment and tell you I hope you can find some answers on this.

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