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When does the sore throat go away???

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I had an OB "downtown" starting last Wednesday. My sore throat started Sunday...I went to the doctors yesterday which is when i found out i have herpes. I am on Valtrex and I am feeling relief from my "downtown" OB but the sore throat is not getting better. Can anyone tell me what they experienced with this? Its affecting my work and I am keeping all of this a secret so not sure what else to do. please help!

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Mine bounced around depending on the outbreak. The first few outbreaks are the worse so hang in there. It's just your body fighting off and building its defenses. They will subside and eventually you might not even know your having an episode.


Hot tea and honey as well as I am a fan of Lysine...That's just me.....Rest is always appreciated. But if you have a routine, do your best to stick to it. This will be only a bump in the road in the future. But today is sucks...I remember sore throats lasting for a few days to a week, depending on the severity of the OB. Sorry this doesn't give you a definitive answer.


I hope you feel better

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Thank you! This is my first and I have read it's the worst and I am thankful for that because I can't imagine it being any worse or doing this again. I'm on day 4 of the sore throat so hopefully I'll feel some relief soon. Do you have OBs often? My doctor is putting me on valtrez for a year I'm hoping that will keep it away for awhile.

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Im on year 7, yes 7 and I am perfectly normal, i think....But realistically i have 1-3 a year, and they usually last 2-3 days...No big deal at all....It doesn't even bother any more. I just go about my business and my wife and I just don't mess around. Other than that, all good.


The beginning is a challenge that you can handle for sure. Valtrex for me was awesome with little to no side effects. If i ever get a bit itchy, Tea Tree oil is my go to....


I hope you feel better.

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Thank you, I find so much comfort hearing that. I am worried because I don't want to touch my boyfriend, ever again lol. I'm scared that if he doesn't already have it I'll be giving it to him. I find out Monday which one I actually have, I'm very anxious.


Thanks again!

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