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Could this be herpes?

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Hi! I posted this on another forum two months ago but did not get a reply and I'm hoping someone on here can shed some light on the situation.


First post in April 2018:


Hi! I really hope someone will be able to put me out of my misery. I'm terrified that something might be wrong with me or that I might have an STD.


I have not been sexually active for a year. My symptoms started a few months ago, with a numbness that comes and goes on my left labia majora. It also sometimes felt like things were too tight in my pants and that this might have made the numbness worse somehow, like something is being compressed. I had some minor sensitivity around my vagina as well, which seems to coincide with the tight pants feeling. In the past I would also get a vulvar rash from wearing stockings or tights and I would dread wearing them because of this reason and because it made me smelly down there.. This has happened even before I was sexually active.


However, today I experienced a new symptom. I now have an intense burning sensation on my left labia where the numbness usually occurs. It is mostly localized to a specific spot. This sensation comes and goes, and it almost feels like I should have a razor rash down there as well, and as if warm water might aggravate or soothe it. It somewhat feels as if my pubic hair are stabbing me there, or if someone has sprayed deodorant on broken skin. Apart from this feeling which has been coming and going today, I have absolutely no other symptoms. I do have a slight discharge but this is normal for me. I've had it for the past few years and it tends to change during my cycle. The feeling has calmed down somewhat after I have bathed and put on loose pajama pants without underwear, but I still feel it now and then. Anyone have any idea what this might be?


Next day after someone suggested early stages of vulvodynia:


Is it normal for vulvodynia symptoms to come and go? Today I wore looser pants and I experienced no symptoms at all. Towards the end of the day I started to get a discharge, and it's as if the moisture caused a temporary rash around my vagina and buttocks. The rash is already better after a few hours of loose pajama pants only, though, and it wasn't really painful (just uncomfortable). I have also noticed a hard pimple right above my clitoris today. It does not hurt at all. I am just so scared of herpes but I'm guessing these aren't your typical herpes symptoms.


One month later:


I have not been tested for infections ever. My symptoms have luckily totally cleared up shortly after my first post (within a matter of days). I have noticed that my tingling labia actually improves if I shift in my seat or if I walk around a bit. I have however experienced the oddest sensation down there the other day, like an ice cold feeling on my left labia and towards the right of my perineum. This might be TMI, but I have just showered and I'm sitting with a towel on my bed and I can feel this intense coldness down there as if cool air is blowing on moist skin. Before experiencing this sensation I was convinced that I had pudendal neuralgia. Now I don't know and I'm so afraid it's herpes.


I have also been religiously taking feminine health probiotics for a month and my discharge is much less! I still get it but it's manageable.


However, I now have a tiny pimple on the same labia (left). I only noticed it by chance last night and it did feel sensitive in a different way than pimples usually feel, but only when I poke at it. Today it seems like the pimple has dried out a bit (it is less pronounced) and it is not painful at all. There is no ulceration or anything, just a slight redness around the site. I don't know why I'm so afraid of this being herpes and I'm hoping someone can put my nerves at ease. I just entered a new relationship and I would hate for it to end because of herpes.




The pimple I referred to in the last post has completely disappeared within two days. However, the skin on that side of the labia (mons pubis) has felt sensitive for the past two months when I run my nails over it. Almost like it has burned or something, although the skin looks perfectly healthy. I have for the past two days experienced red inflamed skin in the folds of the labia majora, which seems to come and go. The perineum was also red for one day but it had cleared up. I did notice an unrelated pimple close to the redness on perineum but it was not red at all and not surrounded by any red skin. I also have some white/yellow discharge and some burning after urination. For most of the day up until two hours ago I was feeling fine and my redness was less. Now I'm burning again after urinating, which had been happening once or twice a day on the days I have the symptoms. Does anyone have any idea what all of these symptoms mean?




All of my symptoms have basically disappeared: no more burning either. My vulva and perineum is also not as red anymore. I didn't have a lot of discharge today and it actually feels quite dry down there. The sunburn sensation is still present on my labia, though.


Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Does it sound like herpes at all?

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