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Herpes newbie wondering about how to go about periods!

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I’m still waiting on culture swab results, but the past week or so I’ve been dealing with what is very very obviously a herpes outbreak. I’ve been a little depressed about it but I’m taking it one day at a time, acyclovir three times a day.


I’m about to get my period in a few days and I’m a little concerned about dealing with that along with this whole thing and I’m curious about how others go about it.


I’m kinda terrified of touching the affected areas themselves (I’ve been washing my bits with latex gloves on) and I’m concerned as well that tampons will cause dryness and make the sores worse. I don’t believe I have any in my vagina, but I’m not entirely sure.


I also prefer using a menstrual cup when I can AND I have read that some people prefer using a cup with herpes, but again, I’m terrified of touching the affected areas.


Any advice or pass-onable wisdom would be much appreciated~

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@maplemaple I just got my initial outbreak of HSV-1. Unfortunately, around the same time the sores were forming, I started my period. So I have been on my period for a week while also dealing with the worst pain I've ever experienced. Not to mention my period is now on day 7 and I normally bleed for 4. I am sure that getting waxed and my menstrual cycle triggered the outbreak.


So my advice is to avoid using any insertable device for now, so like tampons and diva cups. You want to avoid spreading the herpes to your cervix (or that's what I know from reading online, someone please tell me otherwise if that is not the case). I used a tampon for a day or two because wearing underwear was so painful, but after that I either tried to sit or lie down on a towel or wear pads. Cotton pads or tampons are your best bet. You can only find them at health food stores or CVS pharmacies. Cotton absorbs moisture better so that it doesn't set on the skin.


I took epsom salt baths once a day for the past three or four days to help dry out the sores and soothe the burning/itching sensation. You might need to pull a bath or use the shower when you need to pee because it will hurt like hell if urine gets on those open sores.


You're supposed to try and keep that area as cool and dry as possible, and that is just in general. My car doesn't have air conditioning and I live in Texas so I have had to keep ice packs with me to help the groin area stay cool. I have also been wearing skirts quite frequently so I can go commando. That will help keep that area dry too.

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Thank you for the comment! I’ve been using tampons thus far and except for a little itchiness and dryness I haven’t really noticed anything bad. Maybe during an active OB I’ll feel otherwise.


Do you know if heavier bleeding is a thing with HSV and herpes? I noticed my period is much heavier than usual and was curious if it’s a common thing with this

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@maplemaple No unfortunately I have not seen that listed as a symptom of HSV and herpes. Just that it an outbreak can occur before or around your menstrual cycle.


I also have a copper IUD to prevent pregnancy which is supposed to make your periods heavy, but have not for me thus far. Typically I run on a 45-day cycle with bleeding for 4-5 days. Though they USED to be 7 days long it felt like when I was younger.

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