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I’m a new to this and have a lot of questions and looking for others experience and expertise :(

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I’ll give my story and please give me ANY advice or expertise you all may have.


I have never ever had an STI or STD. I’ve always been in monogamous relationships and it has been well over a year since I had sex. I met someone... well not met but I knew for awhile. We slept together before but went our own separate ways. Anyways we talked about hanging out again and I trusted him a lot because of our previous friendship. I asked if he had anything and he said no. I hadn’t either. The week before I shaved and it had been a really long time. I went to the cabin and sat in the sun all weekend. Came home and shaved again and had a spray tan. I had sex the Wednesday and gave him oral. We used protection for the sex part. There was nothing on his mouth, face, or junk area. I’ve never ever done anything anal wise in my life.


The next day I went to work and by the time I got home I couldn’t keep my underwear on. I thought I had a serious case of razor burn and decided to give myself a bath to soak it. I came out of the bath still with the burning so I pulled myself up to my mirror to have a look and saw two bigger bumps on my labia. I saw one smaller white bump near my anus area. By night time it hurt so bad I missed work and went to my doctor first thing. Immediately she looked and said it looked like herpes. She asked if I had it before and I said no. She asked if I was feverish or had body aches and I said no. However I had started working out recently as well so I account my muscle soreness to working out. She took a swab of all the lesions which she said some were already broken and others not and sent me for blood work to find out which type. I was sent home with Valacyclovir 1000mg to be taken 2x a day. I have since been crying. We used a condom and nothing was showing on him. She said it didn’t matter if a condom was used or not he could be a carrier and not even know he had it.


By the time I came home at 4 PM that day I had a fever of 104 and could barely move. My entire body was itchy and I had a bad headache. My entire body just hurt and not from a workout. I had to bring my son to my ex’s parents and make up a bs excuse as to why I couldn’t watch him.


The next day the fever had disappeared but I had my lymph nodes swollen in my throat and behind my neck. I noticed more blisters had popped and the two original lesions I saw on my labia had actually disappeared. I slept on and off the entire day and missed seeing my son. I had two Epsom salt baths and tried different things to help the pain down there by my anus which is where it is sitting. The labia does not bother me at all. By the night time I had more lesions around my anus! How the heck is this possible when I’ve never even done anything with that area sexually?!


Today is now day 4 and by far the worst for pain. I cannot walk. I have cried majority of the day from the pain and I’ve screamed numerous times into a pillow. I had another Epsom salt bath which seems to be the only thing I can tolerate. I bought Lysine and I’m taking 3000 mg a day and Lanocane, aloe, tea tree, witch’s hazel and Peneton diaper cream and I will never put that stuff on me ever again. It burned to the point I was screaming and crying. I had another bath to get it off and checked in the mirror how everything looked and noticed all the blisters had broken. However this is absolutely the worst pain I’ve ever experienced next to labour! It still does not hurt to pee though just to wipe. I noticed my lymph nodes in my throat have gotten back to normal but when I looked this afternoon I had white dots at the back of my throat! This is completely new! Is the antivirals not even working?!


I find the only thing that helped is baby powder and laying on my side in bed with a pillow between my legs. Otherwise the pain is unbearable. I can’t stop crying. I can’t imagine going through this the rest of my life. Now I’m wondering if it’s HSV 1 or 2 which I’m awaiting to find out. It has taken away from my life completely. I’ve missed work, I’ve missed an important event in my kids life that I can’t get back. My entire weekend has been shot.


Any advice or thoughts would be great. I’m scared and I know it’s easier said than done to say time passes but I have read horror stories about people getting constant recurring episodes and I have the absolute worst luck.

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