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I think I have another OB and I’m freaked tf out. I don’t want to have to continue living like this.

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I really really really don’t want to have to always live in fear of being itchy or tingling or living in pain and having to avoid doing things I enjoy because it’s going to cause a goddamn outbreak...I don’t want this I don’t know if I can live with this if I’m someone who gets frequent outbreaks........

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The CDC recommends antiviral suppression therapy for people who have frequent outbreaks. Apparently the statistics are very promising-- that is, as long as you stick to the regimen of the therapy, you can decrease your chances of getting an outbreak by a large percentage.


Also, I have seen others have said that as the years go on, the body gets use to the virus, and is able to fight it off easier; I do not know how true this claim is, but I have seen it many times. This might be your glimmer of hope :).

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It is normal that we are confused when the virus strikes during the first months. Those are the worst outbreaks, because the body doesn't know what the hell is going on.


However, they will be eased as the time goes by, both in frequency and intensity.


If you take some steps (very typical and easy to follow, by the way) to enhance your health, your outbreaks will diminish to the point you barely have any friction with the virus, maybe once a year.


However, those steps need to be made! They do make a difference:


- daily medication in the right doses (listen to your doctor to know what he/she believes is the best in your case)

- a healthy green diet (avoiding chocolate -that's the worst part I admit it-, peanuts, and anything rich in arginine, avoiding sugar and processed foods)

- light sport very often

- meditation / relax time very often

- supplementation and super foods (you would want to get them even if you hadn't H!): coconut oil, essential oils (like tea tree, pepermint, and others), l-lysine, zinc, aloe vera, lemon juice, kefir, etc, etc, etc


Following as a routine thse steps will empower you in many directions, and this helps keeping the virus at bay - a lot.


For sure, stop smoking, drinking and any other bad habits! This is primary...


As soon as your body starts knowing better the new "host", and when, additionally, you get your inmune system in order, you will start feeling powerful and 99% normal.


No, sorry, I meant 100% normal... ;-)


Stay safe and best regards,

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