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Suppression therapy? Science behind it. Lysine? Tree oil?

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for all of you people who have had herpes for a long time, have you ever or do you currently use suppression therapy? How do it work out for you? Were there any noticeable side effects? Branching out to a more scientific approach here, I know many laymen people claim that taking pills everyday is bad for your liver, etc. Are herpes antiviral drugs included in this list? Or is herpes antiviral drug a relatively safe drug to take everyday (if needed)?


Also as another remark, I have read many people on here claiming that tree oil, lysine, etc. help for herpes outbreak, but how truly reliable is this information? There is really not any peer-reviewed scientific articles on that stuff, so who is to say it just isn't placebo effect? The CDC claims that the best treatment for genital herpes is antiviral medications.




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Prescription medication requires a prescription for good reason. Often due to side effects.

So, yes valacyclovir and equivalent medications can cause side effects and it is best to talk to your doctor and pharmacist about it.

Often with daily prescriptions, balancing quality of life is the biggest goal. To do that, you need to consider what is important to you.

If your doctor decides you are healty enough to take medication, you have to decide if you are responsible and aware enough to keep an eye out for symptoms like liver problems, etc... You also have to decide if your symptoms of your diagnosis are bad enough to warrant supression and specifically for herpes, if reducing risk of transmission is important.


There is no "one size fits all" in medicine, health, mental wellness, physical fitness, or any other facet of life.


True, suppression medicine like valacyclovir and condoms are the only proven, approved and clinically tested ways to manage herpes and risk of transmission. So gather up your studies and your own personal needs and make your own decisions.


Personally, I elected to take my daily supression medication for several months when I was first diagnosed to prevent speading the virus in myself, help my immune system defeat my first outbreak and get some peace of mind. After that, I saw my blood pressure continue to rise, despite a good diet and exercise and recognized that I was not anywhere in the realm of risking transmission, so I stopped taking the doses after consulting my doctor.

But that's just me, and works just for me. You will likely do things a little different.

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