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Questions about recurrence and spreading HSV-2

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So I have to be the thousandth person inquiring about this, but I recently got diagnosed with HSV-2. I only know I have it because I got meningitis as a result of it. So I'm still sort of processing the whole thing, and the idea of living with this forever is really overwhelming.


That being said, I think I am having an "outbreak". I think I may have had one a couple weeks ago that I didn't know was herpes because I hadn't been diagnosed. But yesterday I noticed this red bump that is kind of painful so I'm assuming its an outbreak....going to the doctor Monday to confirm. Anyway, how am I having a second outbreak already? Is this going to be how things go, just constant outbreaks? I am on Valtrex but I just started 2 days ago.....my doctor said if I have an outbreak I can take 2 but do I wait to confirm that's what that is before taking a second pill?


Also, since my diagnosis I am so freaked out about contamination. Like everytime I go to the bathroom or take a shower (or god forbid have to shave my genital area) I'm washing my hands multiple times like I'm a surgeon preparing for surgery or something. I'm mostly worried about accidentally spreading HSV-2 to my mouth or, god forbid, giving it accidentally to my daughter who is the only person I live with. I am wiping down my bathtub everytime I use it since my daughter also uses that bathtub. I'm frankly exhausted from the cleaning. I guess I need to talk to my doctor about it, but is it possible to accidentally spread this without sexual contact?


Sorry for all the questions, I'm just a bit perplexed about these things obviously.

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I was the same way about the cleaning in the beginning when I found out but you will be less paranoid as time goes on. I have an 8yo daughter that lives with me and she hasn’t contracted anything by accident at home with me. I’ve had HSV for almost 2 years now and at home life is still normal for the most part. HSV 2 is passed through sex, bodily secretions and oral so I highly doubt any of that will be occurring with your child lol (too soon?)


As far as the outbreaks everyone is different. There are different things in your diet that can cause it, stress, especially stress. But now you have to take the time, one day at a time, to get to know your body again and what can bring on an out break and what helps you not have one. Normally a tingling feeling is my heads up that I need to take my meds. But I don’t usually get very painful bumps. Sometimes it’s just a bump w/a funny white head it’s hard to describe but it’s ugly. You might just have an ingrown hair or something.


I’m sorry that this happened to you but ask as many questions you need and just take it one day at a time.

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The virus dies very very quickly when it's out of the body, so the risk of transmission when there's no sexual intercourse or skin-to-skin friction is zero.


No skin-to-towel or skin-to-shower or skin-to-WC will pass the virus. The virus needs the body's hot environment and nervous cells system to survive so you don't have to worry at all about contamination in everyday situations other than sexual relations.



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