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Herpes recurrence happened straight after primary outbreak!!!

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Can anyone please please help to advise if what I am going through now is normal.

I was diagnosed with HSV2 3.5 weeks ago, and I started having symptoms 4 weeks ago, my doc gave me antival and the sores cleared up after 4-5 days medication, I swear that is the most painful experience I ever had in my entire like, but after the sores cleared up, I developped unbearable itchness that I could not bear it and I had to scratch it. I thought it was normal when it is healing, I kept telling myself everything is going to be okay, I just need to hang there, after about 1 week of crazy itchness, there are small blisters pop out again, I immediately went to see doc, the doc says that I am having a recurrence already.

Is that even possible to have a recurrence straight after the first outbreak, the blisters of the second time is smaller and less painful, but it is so itchy and so uncomforable.

I still have not emotionally came to terms and I have been suffering up to 4 weeks and still ongoing. Is this normal or am I having something else that is worse than herpes.

Please can someone talk to me? I feel like opening the window to jump if I don’t have two little young kids.

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i'm going through the same thing (HSV-1 genitally), so I'd say yes. I was diagnosed on 6/4. Took 10 days of Valtrex. I've been off the meds 3-4 days, and i'm getting all the OB symptoms again. I'm distraught and no one gave me more meds, so i've been trying to get meds all day. Currently waiting on my Gyno to call back. I am asking to go on suppressive therapy to get this under control. My immune system is not awesome so i'm hoping daily meds will allow this to clear up. SO sorry you are going through this.

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It's perfectly normal. Every body is different and, as such, reacts differently to the virus. Right now your system is developing sufficient antibodies to keep the virus at bay but until that happens, you're going to experience symptoms. I would say I'm was in a mild (maybe a 2 out of 5) state of outbreak for probably 75% of my first year. Now that I'm in my second year, it's maybe 50% of the time.


Anything you can do to strengthen your immune system will help. Healthy diet, moderate exercise, getting lots of rest. A daily probiotic helps me. Some people say L-Lysine supplements help, I don't personally notice a difference. You're probably better off eatin foods high in lysine than taking a tablet anyway.


Look into some of the common triggers and see if you can figure out what yours are. For me, it's stress. Others see a reaction after eating certain foods (chocolate, coffee - sorry!) some react from sex or with their monthly hormonal cycle. Bottom line, try to pay attention to your body and your environment.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion. You mentioned moderate exercise, I am a group fitness instructor. I am pretty sure that I am doing more than moderate exercise. I have one intensity class each day beside weekend. Do you think that is really bad for my recovering. Forgot to mention. I only skipped 2-3 classes at the first outbreak when I was really feeling painful. Other than that. I only felt really itchy at bedtime.

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Literally exactly what I am experiencing right now! 3 weeks and 5 days ago I had my initial outbreak. Took the meds. Finished them. Everything was constantly itchy even after it was confirmed everything was healed up. 3 days ago I felt comfortable enough to wear underwear. Today I just noticed a bump on my labia and it’s painful! I seriously cannot go through this again it was the worst pain of my life next to labour.

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@Tallulah1984 I'm also a group fitness instructor. I happened to be on hiatus when I got my diagnosis but I was still working out 5-6 days a week. I haven't noticed any difference based on the intensity of my workouts and taking 2-3 days in a row off doesn't change much either. I hope that's not the cause because it keeps me sane!

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