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Dear all,

First thank you for this web page that really helps understand more.

I've been diagnosed with HSV 2 two months ago. Unfortunately, the outbreak was really hard because of no treatment (sympthoms were misunderstood by my primary doc), and so they took almost 2 weeks to completely heal.

The think that concerns me the most are my swollen lymph glands in the groin area. They swelled up together with the bumps in my bum, and were a little painful at the beginning. Now almost two months have passed, no second outbreaks but the glands are still swollen (even tho not as much as at the beginning), but just enough for me to feel them and drive me crazy. They don't hurt, the biggest one is 1.8cm wide (I've already been checked with ultrasounds and the ecographist said it was all ok), but I'm just so concerned and obsessed my major deseases that really cannot live normally. What should I do? Should I just wait for the lymph nodes to come back normal or make extra visits? My infecivologist already told me Herpes infection is pretty tough and it can take months for them do go back normal. But I wanna double check and ask for other opinions, there's such few informations about this topic on the internet.

Thank you for your patiente and I really hope to get an answer from you


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If you haven't already, ask your doctor about supression medication like valacyclovir or equivalent.

It will help your immune system target the virus better and aid in recovery from symptoms.


Also, take a look at your diet, sleep schedule and exercise routine. If you see room for improvement, now is a good time to start.

Stress contributes to physical symptoms, diet, sleep and exercise help reduce stress.

Personally, it took me a while to start feeling like doing good things for myself and my future was worth while after my diagnosis. But by being determined and pushing forward, it has helped me a lot. Maybe only because it helped rebuild my self-image and make me feel better about the future, but it definitely helps.

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