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I have some questions, please read!:)

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Hi all!

well all in all, I was told I possibly have herpes on a Friday. It’s now Sunday, and I haven’t cried yet today over it so I consider gat a success in moving forward (hopefully.)

Now my time is spent on trying to figure out how to best make my life to go forward from here.

I have some questions! If anyone is able to help answer. Some are graphic so please be warned but I think talking about thisnin General can be graphic.

1.) I just started my period today after Day 5 of my outbreak (I didn’t see the Dr until friday and so didn’t get valtrex until Friday.) How will this affect me? 

2.) It used to be painful peeing but now I can finally pee (in the shower yet) without screaming and crying. Does this mean I’m healing?

3.) I’ve only heard of people having the sores. I have sores and some insane labia swelling. Like sticking out swelling. Does anyone else get this, and if so, what can I do to reduce the swelling?

4.) I’ve read about the Epsom salt baths...none on hand, and I haven’t been able to leave to get them, but do they sting? I’m not sure why I thought of this but I want to try it, yet given all the pain I’ve been in I’m hesitant to put myself in any more.

5.) What supplements does everyone take and how much? I’ve looked into buying vitamin C, magnesium, and lysine and taking it everyday after this outbreak is done.

6.) What foods should I avoid, and can I still eat chocolate in moderation?

7.) This may be hard for people to answer, but as an indigenous person, I participate in ceremonies like sweat. Which is pretty much like a much much much hotter sauna. Do you think the moisture will affect me even when I’m not having an outbreak?

I realize some of these questions are just unique to myself and I’ll have to “play around” to see what steps work best for me. But any advice would be so appreciated!

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Hello! I will try to answer to the best with my own experiences:

1) Can you elaborate a bit more on this question? Are you wondering if your period will make the symptoms worse or last longer?

2) That was a sign that I was healing, especially since that is how I first recognized an issue was going on. When I could pee without having to squat or maneuver into a weird position - that was a good day!

3) Yes, my right side was very swollen, hot and red. My first breakout was in this area, which makes sense. When the swelling and redness reduced, that's was also a sign of healing for me. It didn't bother me too much, so I didn't try anything to reduce the swelling.

4) I have not tried a bath.

5) I take: 500mg of Lysine 2x daily, 500mg of Vitamin C 2x daily, Stress B-Complex taken 2x daily. I started taking them during my OB to see if it would help speed up healing. No idea if it helped or not, but it made me feel better!

6) Being still quite new with this, I need to research more and would love to hear opinions of what people found to work.

7) Unfortunately I am unable to provide any input on this one

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