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  1. I got my first wax and had no issues afterwards! I was very happy about that. Thankfully my OB tend to coincide with my period, so I can plan life a bit better that way - but I was happy that the stress on my body didn't cause an OB!
  2. Good morning! If you started taking suppressive therapy - how long until you decreased or stopped it? Did your body react okay to it? What did your Dr recommend? Mine does not seem overly knowledgable about any of this, so I am curious what your discussions may have been. I was diagnosed June '18 - started on 1g Valtrex daily. I have not had an OB since. I hate swallowing pills and discussed with my Dr in December about reducing to 500mg - they said it was fine and just let them know if something needs to change. I tried it and within a month I had an OB - very minor. I thought it was a fluke and kept going on my 500mg/day. Cut to February and I get another OB. I decided that I needed to up my dosage back to where I was - however the flu struck which prevented any intake of meds 😩😠 I am now dealing with an OB almost as bad as my initial.
  3. Since we are talking strictly girl stuff - does anyone else get almost UTI symptoms before an OB? When I was first diagnosed in June, I had UTI symptoms - treated and then a week later I got a positive test for HSV2 because my symptoms weren't going away. I honestly thought it was just how some stuff was playing out. However, I recently had UTI symptoms - couldn't get into the doctor's office right away and was self managing until I could - the symptoms went away but an OB occurred. I am starting to think UTI symptoms are a prodrome - anyone else have this? Since I reduced my daily Valtrex to 500mg/day I have noticed issues with discharge and/or yeast infection/BV.
  4. I actually did and needed a dose adjustment. After my initial outbreak, I was given the daily suppressive dose of 500mg. My second outbreak came a month after my first - very minor red dots, pain was non-existent. I knew it was an outbreak because of the mirrored symptoms from my first outbreak... I ended up telling my Dr, who felt that my body is still trying to figure everything out and shouldn’t be getting an outbreak on Valtrex. I got upped to 1000mg a day. So far I haven’t noticed another outbreak and it has been about 3 months since that increase.
  5. Hello! Oddly enough, I am experiencing my 2nd outbreak (my first one was a month ago (boo) and the break out is in the exact same area as yours. I have found 2 sores, which have already broken as well - which is already leaps ahead of where i was last month. Mines uncomfortable due to the location, but I can walk and use the bathroom without pain. I am hoping this is it for the 2nd outbreak and is on the road to healing quickly!
  6. Hello! I will try to answer to the best with my own experiences: 1) Can you elaborate a bit more on this question? Are you wondering if your period will make the symptoms worse or last longer? 2) That was a sign that I was healing, especially since that is how I first recognized an issue was going on. When I could pee without having to squat or maneuver into a weird position - that was a good day! 3) Yes, my right side was very swollen, hot and red. My first breakout was in this area, which makes sense. When the swelling and redness reduced, that's was also a sign of healing for me. It didn't bother me too much, so I didn't try anything to reduce the swelling. 4) I have not tried a bath. 5) I take: 500mg of Lysine 2x daily, 500mg of Vitamin C 2x daily, Stress B-Complex taken 2x daily. I started taking them during my OB to see if it would help speed up healing. No idea if it helped or not, but it made me feel better! 6) Being still quite new with this, I need to research more and would love to hear opinions of what people found to work. 7) Unfortunately I am unable to provide any input on this one
  7. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through as well. I was diagnosed almost a month ago. I just started dating this great guy - everything seemed perfect. About 2 weeks in, I felt sore sitting and walking. It also hurt to pee, like it was touching a wound. I thought it was from too much sex and I was raw. Because the symptoms didn’t go away within a couple of days, I got an appointment with my gyno. She looked at me for a minute and said she wanted to culture. I had 2 areas that got cultured and I couldn’t stop crying. My culture came back positive, my blood work is negative. That night I checked myself out and found an internal ulcer looking thing and my labia was super red and swollen, just on the right side. That night I got a bump w/ a Whitehead. 2 days later another couple showed up. I ended up getting only one blister. I remember feeling so frustrated that the Valtrex didn’t seem to be working and that it was just getting worse. But then I remembered, it’s a virus and it has to go through a cycle. The day I could pee without pain was amazing. It does and will get better. You have excellent support and company here. I hope you start feeling some relief soon!
  8. Same here. I have a good day and then it swings the other direction. Thankfully I am nearing the end of my OB (hopefully) after about 10 days or so...having that discomfort and pain go away certainly does wonders for the mental state and feel some what “normal” again. Now it’s the continuing to move forward and await the next OB. Reach out to me whenever! Even just to vent. It’s nice to talk to someone who is newly diagnosed as well.
  9. Thank you RegularGuy. I keep repeating the montra that I am fine, it didn’t change who I am as a person. It just adds another layer to me. After reading the many posts on this site, my DR agreed to suppression therapy. I will be taking Valtrex daily and already started a regimen of vitamins to help boost my body up. I am certainly grateful for all the support this site provides! I am so sorry Lighthouse3. How are you doing with the news? Did you have an outbreak which prompted a visit to the doctor?
  10. I am female (H+) with a male partner (H-), with meds and condom use I see that the chance of transmission for the year is around 1%. My question is, does that rate increase the more times you have sex with that partner in any given month?
  11. Hi all - brand new to all of this. And my thoughts are jumbled and just need to get stuff off my chest. I wasn’t feeling right last week and was very uncomfortable sitting and walking. I had just had a lot of sex in a short amount of time with the guy I’ve been dating and thought I should get checked out on Thursday. My doctor was doing her exam and immediately found the areas of discomfort and explained she had some concerns. She even had another dr come in to give a second opinion, as the culture was going to hurt. She said the word “herpes” and I immediately started crying. Checking everything out that night on my own, my heart sank. I had no idea what it looked like but I knew that’s what it was. That night I got a skin colored bump on the outside, which made me feel worse. That bump then formed a white head. Saturday morning my test results became available online and it was positive. Not certain as to what type. I didn’t cry - I think it was just confirmation of what I already knew. I’ve been living with my sister and her husband, since my break up with my boyfriend of 6 years in January, and they have been nothing but supportive. My sister is my rock right now and has been trying to keep my thoughts in perspective - telling me I’ll be fine/ that a lot of people don’t know they have it/ etc. I told the guy I’ve been seeing for about 2 weeks, Friday before my test results came in. He was supportive and understanding. I’m waiting to see how long that lasts. My emotions are up and down right now. I’m trying to read as much as I can to educate myself and others when needed. I’m angry. I feel alone. I feel dirty and ashamed. That this is some karmic retribution for something...for being sexually active...for not being as careful as I should’ve been. On top of the emotions, I am trying to navigate my first OB. My bump went away and I was excited, but 2 more white head type things popped up, which caused a hard down of emotions this morning. Any advice/support would mean a lot. As it’s the weekend, I haven’t been able to discuss everything with my doctor yet and hope that they will help set up a plan for continuing health and care.
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