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For the last two days my world has been turned upside down again! I had Just gotten to the point in my life where having hsv2 wasn’t a bother any more who I has An ob. ! I actually made it through my last ob with crying a day! Now I’m at the point again where I cant Stop crying! One my life gets on track it falls apart again! I guess My lack of knowledge is my own fault. I dudnt realize I could get HSV1 in the mouth  from oral sex. I was Thinking that one I had 2 I didn’t have to worry about 1. I was Thinking that you got in the mouth from kissing! If I’m wrong someone help me! Make a long story short! I performed Oral sex on my husband Sunday night! I got up Monday month was burning now today my lips are burning and the inside of my mouth! Most people would say 1 is better but having cold sores on my lips I can’t deal! I really think this is my breaking point. I can’t go through the any more! I’ve cried and cried but I just Can’t take life any more! I dont See how you guys who’ve had it so long live through it! I’m going to make myself have a car wreck so my family won’t have to deal with ideal if me milking myself! 

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Hey Mstanya! I was just there and trust me, planning a car accident will not make your family grieve less. I was diagnosed with hsv2 and not hsv1 BUT my outbreaks have been oral as well. Mainly on the roof of my mouth and on my tonsils. I honestly don't think that there is any place you cant have an outbreak with this disease rather its hsv1 or 2.

 I do have a question for you. How is your diet? Have you payed attention to the things you eat right before an ob? I noticed that once I eliminated alcohol and sugar from my diet completley my ob started to go away faster. I've been doing research on alkaline diets and have read a few testimonials on how people have been able to "cure" or  suppress their ob for over 4 years. I've read that disease cannot survive in an alkaline or a balanced body. Disease thrives in an acidic environment. Acidity comes from the food we eat, alcohol we drink, and also from our muscles tensing up and releasing acid in the process (stress). I understand that you're married though. How does your husband feel? What does he do to comfort you? Does he experience ob's? I would attempt to change my diet and remain celibate until the outbreaks become less often. 

Try to calm down and breath. Realize that we were all placed here on this earth to "experience" life. Realize that there will be highs and lows in this world that you have no control over. Theres a whole community right here who did not sign up for this life as well. But that doesn't mean you give up. You have a family who needs you. Peace and love to you 

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