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How to cope?

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Hi, I feel like I'm in a nightmare and I really want to wake up 😢 I went to the doctors on Tuesday thinking I had thrush after spending the night with someone I know on Saturday. After the doctor did an examination she mentioned the H word and told me to go to the sexual health clinic, which I did the same day. I was given some tablets to take for 5days and it's now finally starting to heal and become less painful. I was told it was more than likely H and they did some swabs. I feel like today it's only just starting to sink in.. I'm feeling really low and that I can't talk to anyone about it. I'm a single 30yo female from UK with a 5yo son. I keep reading up on it and that it can affect pregnancies and obviously you would need to have the talk with future boyfriends... it feels surreal. I have no idea how long I've had it for which is scary and the fact I'll now have it in my body forever. I'm guessing this is totally normal to feel like this? 

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@Sam88 Good you came here while you are feeling low. 

Yes, what you are going through is completely normal and it will slowly fade while you realize you'll have a normal life after H. Something that really helped me go through the first weeks was concentrating on the task at hand. First healing and then figuring out how to control obs through natural remedies and a healthy diet.

Don't think so much about what it means for your future with a partner just now. You'll cross that bridge when you get to that river. However, if you want to know how that might be, there are some really greats treads in this site. Focus on the success stories.

 it's also a good time for you to explore methods to manage stress since it really can trigger obs. For me breathing exercises have made a big difference. 

Hope this helps. Remember you are not alone in this and reach out if you want to talk! 



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@JulyPThanks so much for your comment.. I feel like I've been told i have H and been left to deal alone. There's so much information on the internet but I haven't been told by the lady in the clinic or my doctor what this actually means for me and how to deal. At the moment all I think about it the negative things- it's with me forever, it could affect children in the future etc. Maybe in time i will start to think differently once it's sunk in abit more x 

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