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It will all be okay :)

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Hi everyone!  I joined last year after being diagnosed with gHSV1.  I was diagnosed last June and was absolutely devastated.  At that point I was freshly engaged and wondered how my fiance could want to be with me after that, I felt gross, I felt dirty, and I felt alone.  I had pretty severe depression and anxiety which I had never experienced before and did end up going to a few therapy sessions through a confidential program that my employer offers through a third party company.  It took quite a while for me to accept and be okay with things but I wanted to pop back on here and let you know that everything will be okay!  This truly does not impact anything in your life unless you let it.   

I think one of the most validating things for me and the thing that has helped me with acceptance and just living my life is the acceptance that I have received from my now husband (we got married in June!), the friend I met through these forums who ended up being H-, and the two friends that I have confided in that have treated me absolutely no differently than they did before.  Acceptance is a great feeling.  And so is having those who accept you realize it isn't a big deal.  

While no one wants to be in the situation all of us are in, it really is not different than those who get 'cold sores'.  We just have the chance of getting them in a totally different area on the body.  I did elect to take suppressive therapy which of course is totally individual decision and there's nothing wrong with either choice.  At this point though I am happily married and currently waiting on a decision from the graduate school I just applied to :)

I hope that my post can inspire some of those struggling to accept their diagnosis.  I have been there.  And while it can be difficult and nerve wracking to disclose, even to friends, the acceptance you can gain from doing so can be such an important part of healing and accepting yourself <3

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Hi thanks for sharing your success with us & I'm truly glad for you

I guess its all about what experiences we have on this journey,
I've had H 8 years & I just wasn't that bothered at first, told all my family like I was talking about buying a packet of m&m's
but recently I have had a disclosure that didn't work out the way I hoped, so I am feeling bad about H now!

The one thing I will say, there is going to be many twists & turns on this H ride that we all take!
We all need a little bit of luck that the ones, we really feel close to, accept us, but whatever, always keep going, never give in  🙂



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