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A new location after 20 years?

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I have a question that maybe someone can answer or have some thoughts on for me.

Quick background. I was diagnosed 25 years ago with HSV 2.  Since then, I was never tested for it ever again.

20 years later I was having other issues and was tested for everything including HSV. My blood test came back negative for HSV but I do have HSV 1. Although I know it's still HSV I have to admit I was relieved. I got 2 more blood tests because I did not believe it.

I have always had very, very, few and small OBs on my bottom. But I have just had my 1st OB on my labia minor. This OB happened about 12 hours.. maybe 20 after sex. It was vigorous. 

I'm worried about my partner and I am worried about myself. 

I did got to the Dr and I get my culture tests on Monday... uggg. I will be so very let down if now... after the "good news" I get the bad news all over again. And if it's HSV 1.. can it move to a totally new location and after 20 + years is that normal?

Thanks for any info you may have.

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Bit of a tricky one to answer, but I'll try,  though not so common, I do believe it is possible for it to move location.
Blood tests are not the most accurate, so your culture test result is the better way to find out for sure.

Has your partner taken a test too? as he it would make sense for him to do!

wish you all the best of luck, stay strong & positive

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