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Thought it was a 2 month OB UPDATE

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Hi everyone. I felt I should follow up from my “ 2 month OB” post. I have genital HSV1 & believed to having 5 OB since my initial one in April.

So found out it’s not a herpes OB but I have HPV- genital warts as well. I always take pics of my “ OB” showed my doctor and she explained those were genital warts besides my initial OB in April. 

Now I’m trying to cope with this new diagnosis and man this shit ( excuse my language) is hard. Like can I catch a break seriously??  

2 months of itching, taking valtrex when it’s been genital warts. I just want my body to feel “ normal” again.

OH ! Side note  .. I have a horrible UTI ( more pain smh) - went to urgent care today. Was asked about previous issues and explained what I have. The nurse argued and was extremely rude saying there’s no way I have genital HSV1 and said she was putting HSV2 on my chart. It was extremely frustrating and it hurt my feelings to have been spoken to in the manner that she did. But I just let it go. 

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well first of all. fuck that nurse, I'm a nurse and I can tell you the way she spoke to you was not okay. If she knew anything she would know type 1 can go anywhere so don't worry about her. She clearly has no idea what she is talking about.

As for the genital warts: I had that about 4 years ago. The body can fight it off. It never caused itching for me. Just mild discomfort during or right after sex. I mean everyone is different but the tried and true way to find out is if it's on your pap. I should be strain.....11 if i remember correctly causing them.  The HPV will most likely just go away. Mine didn't until I left my ex of 6 years. It seemed like his stress kept it present, 6 months after I left him it was gone after years. every pap has been clear since. Now of course harpies but you know.... :classic_wacko:. I'll take the warts back please instead. trades? lol.   


good luck on your UTI, Azo is amazing. Be careful though you'll stain everything around you orange hahah

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Lol those were my exact thoughts when the nurse was speaking. So thank you for not making me feel ridiculous.  

Question, do you happen to know if there at “ triggers “ to genital warts ? I am still having my OB from August, it’s not as bad as it was then but goodness can I have my vagina back please and thank you lol

When you said you experienced mild discomfort during sex and after, this was while you had your warts OB right ? 

My pap came back negative in April, but I’m not sure if they were looking for the low risk strains. I’ll go back. How long did you have genital warts ? I hope I’m lucky like you and it goes away. I mean we’re already dealing with HSV 😩😞

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I had it for about 5 years. I found that the OBs were....random. Its seemed. I had to get warts burned off every 4 months or so the first year I had it then it decreased over time to almost never after a year and half. If my ex had one I was more likely to have a few where the skin touched it. He would get some very rarely at the base of his penis and i used to get them around the opening so that's right where the skin would rub...My presentation was atypical I was told, and pretty minor. They looked like skin tags or small cysts when I got them. 

The discomfort was most acute when I had a wart present but I now that I'm remembering...my vaginal opening was always a little....tender. Now that I don't have it anymore that stopped. I thought at the time it was bc my ex was quite large and I'm not.....so sometimes it was painful. sooo in conclusion I don't know if it was from the HPV living in that skin area or my endowed partner causing the pain. I haven't had it since getting rid of it (and him) but I also go for "average" sized guys now too soooo........:classic_huh: 

Honestly I didn't pay much attention to when I got more or when I went a long time without them bc I was in a long term relationship I thought was very stable so if I noticed any I would just pop over and get them burned off. By burned I mean it was a chemical they dipped on them that "burned" them off. Yes it felt like a chemical was burning my skin off if your wondering. lol The pain was brief was whhooooo. 

As a side note: a pap will show all HPV. low and high risk. If you have HPV your pap will not be normal 

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I was told the same thing, my OB look like skin tags but they gave me the tropical cream. Said it’s because my OB is so minor the chemical burn would be too much. For when your ex would get them, what did he use to get rid of them ? 

To your side note: so I had my last pap in April and it came back normal, but I had my first warts OB at the end of May. I was with the same guy. So I’m just slightly confused as to why my doctor said it was normal. Unless he was with someone else during that time and I got HPV that way. 

Its so much trying to grasp everything. I have been so stressed, I now have a herpes OB and my warts have increased. So I am trying to relax completely now 🙄😂

Thank you for helping me and answering my questions !


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so HPV can live in your for a long time before being active. same for men and women. if eather of you had it and it activated.....bam now you both have it if you havent already fought off that strain already. 

also men cant be tested: theres no test. so if he is carrier he didn't lie to you. he cant know he has it if he never got a wart.

my ex ignored them and they went away after a few months or  or "took care of them" with a razor. i was like no thanks to that method. they didn't cause him any discomfort

they really are a very benign thing to have. they dont cause much pain, the body's immune system can fight it off. I wouldnt worry too much about this once.  

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Be grateful its not a high risk strain. that's a huge cancer risk.....sex is scary isn't it? All this shit going around with no signs in most people, and in some things no test until the girl gets it :classic_sad: Some things make you unable to have a child or carry one to full term.  iDseases that attack you'r immune system until you die of pneumonia..,


wtf.....am I right?   😓    I'm honestly scared to have sex again. HSV has had me sick for a whole month. Not a single day I have been well. 

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Sex is ridiculously scary. I mean and having a vagina... goodness 🙄. Any small thing can irritate it and when you’re having, you already think the worst. THEN when you already have STI, you’re like great am I having an OB? 🙄

What are you feeling like ?? I’m sorry you’re sick 😞. This shit truly sucks. I’m currently icing my lesions. 😒

I am trying my best to accept what’s going on, do what I can and push forward. It’s hard though, especially with you being sick everyday. For myself, I keep looking to see if they’re gone and trying not to stress in the meantime. Smh. 

Thank you for explaining HPV 

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