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Negative HSV test years later

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In August 2016, I slept with a girl who I just met and within about a week, I felt like something wasnt right, and what looked to be symptomatic of HSV 2. I wound up getting 2 cultures done. One came out negative, the 2nd one was positive. Both cultures were done 3 days of each other. I also had the HSV 1 & 2 blood tests done. But not surprisingly (given the amount of time from exposure and not enough time to create antibodies, I didnt expect to get a positive result) and it came back negative back in August 2016, despite 2 contradicting culture results.

Flash forward 2 years later, I've never gotten a 2nd break out or any symptoms. Of course, anytime something feels a little off I get concerned but I monitor it. I've also been taking 500mg of Valtrex daily since my partner doesnt have HSV. And I take it for suppressive therapy to soothe my anxieties. So anyway, last week October 2018, I took a blood test for HSV 1 & 2, and 2 years later, the blood test is still testing negative (>.90) which is the same as the previous baseline 2 years earlier when I first tested positive from one of the cultures (the first culture was negative).

So now I'm utterly confused as to whether I have HSV 2 at all! I've had 2 blood tests 2 years apart showing negative results, and one of 2 cultures showing positive. 

Is it possible I never had HSV 2 to begin with and the 2nd of the 2 cultures was a false positive? Or is it possible that having taken Valtrex every day for the past 2 years somehow inhibited my body from creating antibodies that would confirm their presence for a positive result on a blood test? My doctor seems to think I may not have ever had it at all given the 2 negative blood tests, 2 years apart. We discussed me stopping valtrex all together and coming back in 2-3 months for a follow up blood test. Although part of me is still convinced I may very well have it and concerned that maybe the valtrex had been effectively suppressing it all this time (to include antibodies) and I dont know if I want to roll the dice to confirm my suspicions, while simultaneously still having sex with an unaffected partner.

Any ideas?

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It could be that the medication inhibits your body to produce antibodies indirectly, or it was wrong diagnosis first place (seems impossible if it was culture).  I personally think there is also possibility that you are cured, though everywhere says hsv is incurable. (I have not been 100% convinced by this saying.)

 If I were you, I would just stop taking medication for at least 3-6 months and have a blood test. If it’s still negative, then accept and cheer that you are hsv 2 free!! Good luck!!

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