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swab was neg but I'm still worried... advice?

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I had prolonged sex and the next day it was burning when I urinated. I even felt ill that night. It looked like little bitty tears (labia minor) and there was a very small amount of blood spotting. It did eventually turn into red flat spots/slightly raised. And only on one side. 2 days later I had swab tests done. The doc though it was herpes. She sent me home with valtrex. It all healed up pretty quickly. 

I do have HSV1 and have had it for over 30 years. I rarely have an OB and it's only on my bum and the OBs are very minor... so this really freaked me out since it was a completely different area.

The swab tests came back neg for all STDs. I did have have vaginosis/bacterial infection (minor) which I was treated for.

I didn't believe her. I went in again for her to check it out. My doc is aware of my HSV1 history. She said it was prob from the prolonged sex and could be just pinched skin. 

Anyway... I just cannot wrap my head around it being neg! It just does not seem like a friction rash or pinched skin because the sex was not dry.

Has anyone had a friction rash or pinched skin there before? Could the bacteria infection cause a similar "OB"? It definitely did not look like a regular OB as there were no blisters that I saw.

Thanks for any info you have to share.

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I’ve been swabbed numerous times and they all come back negative so I too have no clue what is an outbreak and what’s not. I get small vaginal tears that are from not enough lube but they heal in 24 hours. 

Now I have what may be a pimple on my butt but it could be a single sore..... who knows. Ugh

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