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Showing all the signs of a 1st outbreak - going to GUM for test tomorrow

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Hi all.

I'm visiting the GUM clinic tomorrow for testing.  I have what it seems like 1st outbreak genital herpes symptoms.

Sex last Thursday - unprotected.   

Sunday - really bad itching, thought i had thrush.  Painful area near vagina.  Some bloody discharge.  

Monday - noticed 1 yellowish bump, very sore now.  Still itchy.  Whole area starting to burn.  Feeling tired.  More bloody discharge.  

Tuesday - bump very painful.  Looks dented in middle.  Whole area sore and itchy.  Painful walking.  Starting to feel ill in general.  Hurts so bad when i pee.

Wednesday - Went to Dr.  She said its an infected cyst.  Gave me antibiotics.  Too painful to walk far by this stage, tingling pains running all over the genital area.  Hurts so bad when i pee, i don't want to drink. Legs ache.  Crying with the pain.  

Thursday - exact same as Wed, and I slept most of the day.  Aching all over.  Still crying with the pain.  

I have these waves of excruciating tingling that pass over my genital area.  Takes my breath away its so sore. 

I'm struggling to find another cause for this other than herpes.

I've written this so emotionless cause its the only way to proceed for me.  I just want an answer for why I feel so bad yet I'm deep down terrified of what is next.


Thanks for reading.  




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8 hours ago, MarieH said:

have them test your blood. that will give you an answer

I don't think they offer that here, I am thinking of buying a blood test online. 

They have visually diagnosed me with HSV and given me medication.  They took swabs - results back next week - but they said even if that comes back negative i do have HSV.  

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