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Plasma donation and GHSV

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Hello everyone,

I got diagnosed with GHSV1 about 1 month ago (September 29th I believe) but have had it for about 3 months now. I started donating my plasma on October 5th and have had outbreaks like every week without fail. My outbreaks are not bad, just small pink circles (never burst, never crust, never have anything inside, literally just looks like inflammation) on my mons pubis and happy trail, no where else to my knowledge (however, because it’s just pink circles it may not be visible to me in the vaginal area, sorry if TMI), but I know it’s an outbreak because I have certain symptoms that come up: It gets itchy and I get nerve pain. I’m a bit frustrated because these outbreaks haven’t stopped, I honestly don’t care too much right now because I am not planning on getting into a relationship or hooking up any time soon and it’s not painful or unbearably itchy but my question is: has anyone ever sold their plasma and have had outbreaks right after donations? I am wondering if that is why my outbreaks have not stopped or maybe I have a bad strain of it. Just really frustrated with these constant outbreaks and hope they stop recurring soon. I started taking lysine, zinc, b complex, fish oil and put teatree oil on the pink areas but it doesn’t seem to prevent outbreaks or help them go away.

thank you for anyone who responds!

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Hello and welcome, 

I've donated plasma for about five years and I've never had a problem with outbreaks. As a matter of fact I just started an outbreak today, my first one since July 2015. You say you believe you've had it three months. Outbreaks can be frequent for the first six months to a year. I know they were for me. Antivirals may help stop them. Talk to your doctor, a prescription may help cut down on the outbreaks.

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