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I thought I had genital herpes for 4 years now maybe I didn't?

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So I'm going through a pretty weird time right now. Four years ago I had sex with this awful succubus of a woman, a real evil person and I contracted what I thought was herpes. At the time I was not leading the best life and was basically on the brink of death from drug abuse. Anyway after having sex with this woman a week or so later I developed large blisters on my pelvic area (nothing on my penis) but it did hurt to pee and these blisters eventually burst and then crusted over and healed but left scars for about a year or so. Anyway my mother was a doctor and she gave me antiobiotics at this time and the painful urination went away. 

Ever since then I was convinced I had herpes, I never went to see a doctor or anything cause I was too busy doing drugs but eventually I got sober and started thinking about my health. I never really had another "outbreak" apart from one time when I got a large fluid filled blister when I was really sick, however, after a day or two it just disappeared and never turned into an ulcer or anything. Anyway during this time when I had herpes I did have unprotected sex with a couple of women and I never infected anyone else. 

Anyway so to the weird part. I finally decided recently to get tested for my herpes to see if maybe what type I have or whatever. So I got tested for HSV1 and HSV2 both the IgM and IgG and they both came back negative. So I tested myself again for HSV2 and again negative. I'm going to get tested one more time because I have been convinced that I had genital herpes for years now but I don't know. My mother says it could have been a range of different skin conditions from folliculitus to syphillis or even chlamydia since my immune system was so messed up from the drugs and being on the brink of death it could've been anything. And she's an OB/GYN and the Chief of Medicine at the local hospital so she's got years of experience with this. I just can't wrap my head around this.

I've been disclosing herpes and getting rejected for years because of it. Could it really be so that I don't have it?

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The test I took has a sensitivity of 98% and a specificity of 98%, which is much higher than the swab test. The only caveat being that it takes time for antibodies in your blood to build up. However since my "infection" happened 4 years ago I should have antibodies in my blood by now for sure. 

So you're much more likely to get a false positive or false negative from a swab test on a lesion than from a blood test. Appaherently after talking to an std nurse and a doctor there are many skin conditions that can mimic herpes it's just that herpes is often the most common one due to its high prevalence and doctors usually go with what's most common. 

I don't know really what to think but I don't think I need to any longer disclose that I have herpes since all my tests are negative. 

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