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Very Painful Lower Back Pain

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Hi everyone, 

It's been awhile since I have been on here, feels like I am now visiting an old friend. Back in August of 16 the guy I was with gave me Herpes, I am not sure which strain but if I had to guess it''s HSV2. Up until a couple months ago I was with said guy, and decided to break up with him. For me this was terrifying because I was mortified of having to tell anyone of my herpes. Well, fast forward to now I have met a guy who I did end up disclosing to, which was successful! I don't want to get too into details but we had sex and a few days later I noticed in my genital area (female by the way) where my lymph nodes are was kind of sore, but no lumps. When I had my very first outbreak I had swollen lymph nodes. Now that pain has subsided but my lower back/right on top of my butt is very sensitive and hurts. This has been feeling this way since Friday. Everything else downstairs seems normal though. I guess I am just very paranoid if this is some kind of symptom of reoccurring herpes? I  haven't had an outbreak in a very long time since I am on suppressive treatment. So this symptom is very new to me. My upper back hurts as well but that is normal. I just want to be very cautious because I told this guy I had herpes, and he doesn't, and I would hate myself if I ended up giving it to him. The lower back pain doesn't seem to be subsiding and I do not want to have sex again until I am sure it's not a sign of herpes.

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You don't know which HSV you have?  But your guessing it's HSV-2, based on what?  Go to a doctor and get tested.  Unless you're tested, you don't know for sure what you have.  However, back pain can come from a variety of conditions.  Please go get medical advice from a doctor, not an online forum.

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