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Nerve pain in legs after herpes outbreak is cleared?

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I know this is not the forum for this question .... But looking for some insight.. I have been having moderate leg pain pre and post H outbreak ... It's manageable but I'm wondering if even tho the outbreak is over is the virus still active in the surface of my skin causing prodromal symptoms? Or are the nerves just irritated and I can assume it not the virus causing the pain now but the irritation to the nerves ?

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Hi Northoftheborder,

do you have pain in your whole leg or only in the upper part?Its quit usuall if you get pain in your upper legs around your lymph node, this shows that your body try to fight the virus and your immunsystem is high active. I do get this symtomes sometimes too and it can show up before an outbreak but after OB is still possible too.

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I had the symptoms prior to outbreak brought on by stress .... I was late starting valtrex ... I had a small outbreak in crooks of legs like a razor rash ... It cleared but tingling and burning on inner thigh and crook of legs still present it's been 3 or 4 days since out break cleared and 3 weeks since original prodomal systems started... Still on valtrex as a supression now 500mg daily .... Still stressed cuz my new non h partner Wud like to have the relationship move further but I can't with these symptoms ... Argh!!

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