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Not sure when or how. Terrified.

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Hi everyone. Heres my story. I am recently divorced and had unprotected sex with two partners since. 1 is a regular partner. The other a fling. Including them, I've had 8 sexual partners since i was 15. I'm 33 now. Filled with anxiety after the fling a month ago, I went and got tested. I never had any noticeable symptoms so the dr was reluctant to do the igg blood test but i told her to do it. I called for results 4 days later and over the phone was told i tested positive for hsv2. Was told no numbers and if i had more questions to make an appointment but its "not that big of a deal". I've been an anxious mess since. I went to a different health clinic and she was helpful sort of and tried to get my results from the drs office with no luck. Im hoping to get into my dr tomorrow. Should i re-test? Do i tell my recent partners? The clinic dr said i could have had it for years and not known because i was never tested. Could my exhusband have had it and not know? Could it have been the 2 recent partners? Ive been so naive to these things and that makes me feel worse. I can deal with having it i guess but my mental capacity cant handle the fact that i may have exposed a recent partner because i was not honest with him about the other fling because i must be a horrible person. Please help. Im a mess. Ive been looking at my genitals in a mirror every night analyzing every little thing. I haven't slept in days. 

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Well first thing you should do is know your igg value. If it's between 1.1 to 3.5 then it is advisable by CDC to do a retest using a different method preferably western blot as it can be a false positive. 

Since your igg value is showing as positive and considering it is not a falsse positive, it means you have it for sometime at least more than 3 or 4 months. Based on what you have mentioned looks like you have met this second guy within two months or so. In that case you have not got it from him. Now there is no other way to findout from whom or when you got infected. It could be your ex husband or any of your previous partners or even this regular guy if you are meeting him for say more than 3 or 4 months. 

The right thing will be to tell your recent partners if you are confirm you have it. Also you should ask them to do a complete 10 panel std test. 

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