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  1. As a kid I would occasionally get a cluster of very small blisters on the sides of my fingers. Did not know until recently that it is most likely dyshidrotic excema. So small it was almost unoticable. Very mild symptoms compared to the pics I see online. Fast forward 30 years to my initial OB. 3 weeks in, the small cluster of blisters are back. However they get bigger and look more like warts after a few days. They never ulcerated or wept. Lasted a week and then faded away. I remember somewhere reading that people w excema can get H breakouts at their excema sites. Maybe you have very mild DE like me but you never noticed before.
  2. Yes, I will get tested soon. Due to the accuracy levels of the blood test I was actually "hoping" to have another OB to get the swabs test and be certain. I actually have been eating crap to purposely bring one on. Also waiting on blood test if I somehow contracted it recently, in some random way (gym, toilet seat, etc). I know that's basically impossible but the blood tests aren't cheap so I'm waiting 3-4 months. Will be using condoms until then.
  3. For what it's worth, I have been w my wife for 15 years. I recently had some kind of outbreak. May have been H, may have been shingles. No swab test, no blood test yet so don't know for sure. Have not had a second outbreak. She blood tested negative for H. If I do, in fact, have H that would be 15 years, no condoms, no antivirals, with no transmission.
  4. Its quite simple. You have a moral obligation to tell him.
  5. I found an article that states herpes can interfere w the nerves that control the movement of waste through your intestines. I'm 2 weeks past my initial OB and I'm returning to my regular self (pun intended).
  6. What are you eating? Taking lysine supplements? Sleeping enough?
  7. Just found a picture of early herpes on finger on verywellhealth.com. looks exactly like my fingers. I guess all H on finger is called whitlow?? I had thought whitlow was different kind of H (finger infection only). After researching shingles my bet is that I have herpes. I will get a blood test to be certain though. Damn, I was a little excited it could be shingles...😟
  8. Background: I have been in a monogamous relationship w my wife for the last 15 years. Woke up in the middle of the night w an annoying burning sensation on the foreskin (I'm circumcised) of my penis. Figured it was chafed. Was too tired and sensation wasn't strong enough to make the alarm bells ring. Went back to sleep. Walking into work that morning had ridiculous itching on my left butt cheek and behind my left knee. Still clueless. Penis still feeling chafed. Looked at my penis after going to the gym.....thought I had poison ivy. Laying in bed that night wondering why the poison ivy was only on my penis....light bulb went on. FML! Didn't sleep that night researching herpes. Pretty sure I had it. Planned on going to the Dr. The next day. Showering the next morning and felt dizzy. The sensation would not pass. Had to sit down in the shower, afraid I would pass out. Next thing I know I'm coming to. Was biting down hard....on my cheek. Almost had bitten through it. Barely made it back to bed. Felt like the flu coming on. Made it into the dr. a few hrs later. Dr was not in that day, met w the nurse practioner. She took one look and said, that's almost certainly herpes. Got on valtrex (1 gram twice a day). No Swab test.... Able to go to work the next day and even to the gym (weight lifting no cardio). The tip of my penis hurts a little. More blisters, some swelling. Rash (Not blisters) behind knee and on butt cheek and hip. Itch like crazy. By the end of the week my penis is unrecognizable. If the elephant man saw my penis he would cringe. I can't stand to wash it in the shower bc I am grossed out. Red marks on my inner thighs and rash my by knees. My left upper eye lid has been swollen for about 5 days. No problems peeing (thank you Jesus). Constipation setting in at end of week 1. Blisters on shaft of penis are drying out, no ulcerations (ty Jesus, again). Things seem to be clearing up.... Week 2 sees new blisters on my right foot, inside my belly button, and on torso, bumps on my lower back. Red marks above my penis in pubic hair region. Penis swelling going down. Then I noticed some small marks on my fingers. Hard to explain these, they look fluid filled, small, barely raised, clustered, on the sides of my fingers. Don't believe this to be whitlow. Not in cuticle, no redness, no swelling, no pain. A few days later they look more like warts. My right index finger is so covered w them I hide it with a gaus wrap and say I have poison ivy. These lasted a week and then faded. Again, no ulcerations. Now at the end of third week and only have visual remnants of where rashes were. Think it's over. Wife has blood tested negative. Just have questions now. 1) picked it up and no OB for 15-25 years...really? 2) do i have 15-25 years of antibodies built up or is it like I just contracted it bc i never had a OB till now? 3) based on 15-25 years of no OB do I have a good chance of not having More? Btw I had a ridiculously stressful few weeks leading up to this OB. Wife lost her job unexpectedly. Her parents split up and her mom came to live w us for a,week. Then I crashed my car. I thought I was handling it all pretty good but I guess deep down I was stressed out. Thanks!
  9. I'm currently wrapping up my initial OB (3 weeks in). I went on valtrex 36 hrs. Into the OB (1 gram twice a day). Became constipated at the beginning of week 2. I thought it was the valtrex but cant be sure. I stopped taking it yesterday and had a BM today. It might be that the OB is over or that I'm off the meds. If my next OB is not bad I might not use the meds to see what happens.
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