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  1. Hey guys, im HSV2 positive. I had one proper outbreak about 10 months ago. No Symptoms since than. Not taking any meds or vitamins and also not taking care at all about what i eat and drink. I do know how a classic Herpes outbreak looks like. i just saw one small white spot/pimple, no classic pimple though, on my penis. Im asking myself now, if that is a minor outbreak? Anyone made the same experience, which is HSV2 positiv ? Appreciate Answers.
  2. Hey Guys, I was curious, if someone out there tried a lot of Condoms and could suggest one, which almost feels like you are not wearing any and is still qualitative. Thanks in Advance.
  3. thanks for answering guys. It doesn't bother me to much. Like i said. I don't have visible symptoms and just want to know if thats a sign of prodrome and im right now shedding, so to take care not to have sex. Thats why i asked :D .
  4. Hey I have it now for 6 Months....Had one Outbreak which was not painful or anything else. Question is i do have sometimes now and than a small itching sensation now and than at the area, where i had the outbreak. without any visible signs. its really small, hard to recognise. Now is it some form of outbreak? or Just psychological? 😄 Haven't had any other Outbreak or anything else. Im not taking any Medication or taking care what i eat or drink. Appreciate answers of people, which had to deal with the same issue.
  5. Hey how do you know you had it for 10 years ? if it was asymptomatic ?
  6. Thanks for all these answers. I really appreciate. Its good to hear success stories, even the risk is always there.
  7. Hey thanks for answering. @KRS17 the transmission from male to female is higher. Thats why i asked male to female. But i really appreciate your answer. Always good to read something like that. @Ricky Spanish Hey are you planning to test for it? I would be interested in more people with experience. Waiting for your answers.
  8. Hey Guys...i was recently diagnosed with HSV2. im curious if there are some males out there with HSV2, which are in a longterm relationship and never passed it to their partner. looking forward to read your answers.
  9. hey im a male 25 years old from Berlin. diagnosed with it 4 months ago. Would like to talk about it with males or females with more experience.
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