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  1. Guy I’m dating has hsv2 and I have ghsv1. He is taking a daily dose of acyclovir 200mg. I’m baffled with that dosage. I have always read 500 Iis the suppressive dose. Any thoughts? I’m going to check with him and tell him to talk to his doc but does anyone have any feedback ? From what u know, that’s just not a high enough dose. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all your responses, guys. I appreciate it. I admit. ..I for some reason felt relieved I have ghsv1 as opposed to 2 but at the end of the day, it really is all the same thing, though from what I’ve read, ghsv1 sufferers have less chances of frequent outbreaks. I prob won’t be with the guy I’m dating now forever so I fear disclosing to someone. I doubt a guy is going to analyze between ghsv1 and 2....if it’s on my girl parts, that’s that.
  3. I have something brewing on my inside lower lip. There’s a red area with little white bumps. Ugh
  4. hey there. I’m feeling a little vulnerable sharing my story again; I’m fearful people on here will judge me or say of her again. Alas I am spilling my guts out anyway in hopes that since we share the same awful virus, you can relate. Long story short...I contracted ghsv1 about five months ago. I’m so bummed st how my sex life will change but that’s a whole other topic. I met a guy a month or so ago and he told me right away he has hsv2. I like him and decided I wanted to be intimate with despite the feat of contracting hsv2. We’re using condoms and he’s taking daily antiviraks. I think I caught hsv2 on my mouth now tho as I go down on him without a rubber. Guess I have to go get checked but I have no health insurance. I have read it’s rare to get 2 in your mouth but I’m pretty sure urbywothat need. I walked into eyes ride open but now I really feel like a leper. Anyone have 2 in their mouth? Ugh h is such a bummer. So bummed I have it.
  5. Hey all. I have genital hsv1 and I’m still confused on if I can spread it to a partner’s genitals. I feel like I read somewhere it I hard to transfer hav1 from genital to genital. I have been under the impression that ghsv1 is the “better” is the two h strains below the belt. Also, id a person has hsv1 on their mouth, are they immune to getting it from me ob their genitals? Any links you can share would be great too. Thanks
  6. Thanks for your reply. Just curious...what made you decide to get tested if you had no symptoms?
  7. Thank you for replying. Yes how do you know you have had it for ten years? You’ve never had an outbreak ?
  8. Hello all. Im confused and scared. I contracted genital hsv1 a few months ago. Valtrex cleated it up. Once I was finally beginning to get past the horror of having this awful condition which makes me feel like a leper, i met someone who immediately told me he has HSV2. He’s had it for thirty years, so he’s so confident he won’t pas it to me, but I know there are no guarantees what with viral shedding. We have had sex using condoms a few times. He does not so suppressive therapy. I do NOT want to contract HSV2. The guy is being really douche about the whole thing. He does not want to use condoms and everyone I tell him I am scared of getting hsv2, he freaks out. You’d think his lack of respect for my concerns would be a deal breaker, but for some reason Im still messing with him. I will not sleep with him without conforms, that’s for sure. He would never be intimate when he’ has a breakout; who would? That would be so painful. I’m just wondering if anyone here is hsv2 positive or has a partner who is. Have you or your partner contracted it with condom use? I have read varying statistics on the percentage rate of contraction when using rubbers but I’m not clear. I know there’s no surefire way to prevent the spread. H really sucks. If there weren’t such a stigma, it would just be an annoying condition. I fear that if I catch hsv2, potential partners will reject me. HSV1 down below is bad enough, but considering so many people are carriers if they, perhaps people will be more understanding. My doc recommends I use suppressive valtrex therapy for my hsv1 because it’s new to mthe body abs sometimes I freak out that ok about yo have an outbreak but I’m not sure. What are your thoughts on this? Doctor said getting steady doses of antivirals in my system may help load me up and keep it st bay. Haven’t had another outbreak ever I know of, but anytime I feel an itch or a burn, I freak out. No sores present they o can see. Also, do you suggest I get blood test for hsv2? Doctor said to wait two months so that the test results are accurate. If I don’t get the test, do you think the right thing to do is tell future partners that I was exposed to it? I’m freaking abs feel like No man will want me. Any stories of how partners reacted to your disclosure are greatly appreciated. Sorry to ramble. Look forward to hearing your insights.
  9. Interesting topic. I can’t believe I did this but I slept with a guy after he disclosed his hsv2 status to me! I have recently contracted hsv1 on my girl parts. Not sure why I threw caution to the wind and slept with this guy after the hell I went thru with my ghsv1 diagnosis, but I’m a masochistic risk rusher I guess abs now I’m totally freaking out that now I’ll get 2 on my privates. We did use a condom and he wasn’t having an outbreak. Why the hell would I take a risk knowing whet he’ll i went thru when I got 1 down below?? Anyone have any emotional support or scientific facts to offer?
  10. Hi all. I was just diagnosed with genital hsv1 a few Weeks ago. I had a terrible painful first outbreak, and knock wood, things cleared up after the valyciclovor. I only had about three blisters and they are cleared. I’m always paranoid about getting another ob. Just wondering if any ladies have permanent labia do scolitstion sfter getting hsv1 down below? I swear my labiaxwajt always this color but I’m not sure. Please please offer any insight. Also...I’ve read that hsv1 on privates has a lower reoccurance rate than hsv2. Just curious what others of you with genital hsv1, especially the ladies, have experienced with outbreaks. I’m so paranoid about getting another. Thanks. I look forward to hearing from you all.
  11. Man I’m so bummed this virus is a part of my life. I avoided it for so msny years, and then took s risk and got it. Anyways has anyone ever gotten cold sores on their mouth after getting hsv1 down below? I got hsv1 below my waist abs nor I think K getting a cold sure on my mouth, which I’ve never had in my life. I thought it usually stays in one spot. This shit really sucks. I apologize for being So negative but I’m recently diagnosed and so upset and pissed . I’m mad at myself for knowing better but just went with it in the moment. Im piseed st the guy for supposedly being ignorant but meybebyes just a total douche .ugh
  12. Oh man. I know the feeling. It’s awful. I’ve just started trying to not give into the fear. I know itcsucjs; I’ve just been diagnosed this week—-but this fourum is really helpful.
  13. Kinator, how frequent are your ladybits outbreaks?
  14. Omg thank you both so much for responding. Wow. That was very cathartic for me. Of course I’m embarrassed now with my very raw and detailed post, but I had to get out to people who are in the same boat. Thank you thank you!
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