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  1. He got kind of sick for 4 days. There was this huge boil/blister that formed in his pubic area. It popped after he applied this balm I gave him. It burst full of blood. A couple days later another sore formed in a different spot but in same area. The second one looks like the sores I get. He has not gotten tested yet but I think he has it.
  2. Me and my bf have been together for a year and four months and he knows about my status (HSV-2 Positive). We always use condoms and I take Valtrex. Recently, he has been showing signs of having outbreaks and I think I transmitted it to him. He seems to not be as bothered about it as I am. I'm feeling so guilty and depressed. I don't know what to do. Deep down I feel like somewhere down the line he is going to regret being with me and taking the risk. I hate this feeling as if I have done harm to someone I care about. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. panda91

    My Story

    Thank you. I have been trying to remain positive but I find myself bursting into tears several times through out the day. I have an appointment soon with my OBGYN but I think usually when I discuss it with different doctors, for some reason they refuse to prescribe more than 1 G of Valtrex daily. Not sure as to the reason why. I will definitely bring it up during my next appointment.
  4. panda91

    My Story

    Dear StrengthOfWolves, Thank you for understanding my struggle. You are very fortunate that your giver was supportive and remained with you. Mine up and left my life when it happened. He was completely devoid of any concern or sympathy. I struggled the walk alone to Planned Parenthood because the initial outbreak of sores were exteremely painful. He wasn’t there when the nurse told me it was H and I will never forget the initial feelings of agony and distraught. Do not be terrified about finding another person if you and him break up. I entered another relationship that lasted for about a year and he was okay with my condition. Unfortunately, our relationship ended recently because it was very toxic and he was abusive. I am trying to not give up hope that I will find someone who truly loves me unconditionally but it is hard because I have never had luck with relationships. Most guys have treated me like trash and left me. That is good that you were able to tell your family. None of my family members know about it. I have complicated relationships with my parents and know their reactions would make it worse. However I have only told a few close friends. You are very strong and do not be afraid of anything. We are all in this together. 🙂
  5. panda91

    My Story

    I take 1 g Valtrex daily and still get outbreaks. I’ve also tried Lysine, oregano oil, and blackseed oil. So far I have not been 100% outbreak free. I think it has a lot to due from stress at school and from my now ex bf (he dumped me two days ago). Also my immune system is super compromised because I had been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 a year after having H.
  6. panda91

    My Story

    Dear Mooeuk, We both have learned a lesson not to trust anyone when they say they are “clean”. I think in the future before I have sex with anyone I will make me and my future partner get tested because having H makes one 3 times more likely to contract HIV. If you found a lovely guy and disclosed to him, I think you should pursue it! By reading a lot on this forum I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that sometimes we make H a bigger deal than it ought to be and we shouldn’t let it define who we truly are as a person. Don’t feel like a gross mess. This can happen even to people who have been monogamous with one partner if their partner cheated. Don’t let H prevent you from pursuing happiness. 🙂
  7. panda91

    My Story

    Thank you for your kind words. I constantly have sores down there even when I take Valtrex daily and they can hurt a lot sometimes. It’s taken a huge toll on me physically and psychologically. 😞
  8. panda91

    My Story

    I really want to let this go because it has been haunting me for a while. I’m a female and when I was 24 (I’m 27 now) I met a guy on a dating app. I was into him and it seemed we were going to enter a relationship. Before I had unprotected sex with him he told me he was “clean”. A week later I had the worst flu-like symptoms and felt like I was going to die. I then had an outbreak of many sores. I was diagnosed with HSV-2 and I feel like it has been ruining my life. The guy who gave it to me was also such a total jerk and was not supportive about it. He left me out to dry and claimed he had no idea he had H. I’m currently in a somewhat toxic relationship with another guy because I fear no other man will want to date me when I disclose my status. My current bf knows about my status and wants to have sex without condoms but I haven’t done so because I fear that I will transmit it to him. I don’t think I could live with myself if I passed it on to him even if he would be okay with it, but I don’t think he is. We use condoms and I take Valtrex daily and so far I have not spread it to him and it has been little over a year. The outbreaks are horrible. Even with medication I have outbreaks daily and it is rare that I have a day without an outbreak. I also am worried about my future if I want to have children because I have viewed research about the dangers of giving birth and having H. I feel like it’s destroyed my life and sometimes I feel like ending it all. I wish I could go back in time and refuse to have sex with the douchebag who gave me this disease. Any advise or wisdom on how to cope with this would be greatly appreciated.
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