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  1. Yes I’m going with the “I don’t have it now, but assuming I will in the future”.... but also trying to take as many precautions as possible.
  2. Sorry to sideline this topic a bit but it’s relavent in a round about way. My husband is H2 positive and I am not. We have (had ) an open relationship and he just contracted it 6 months ago. He is not taking anti suppressants and while I am negative I’m just assuming I’m positive because eventually it’s bound to happen. My question is this and I’m so sorry for being blunt but if I’m under the assumption that I have it does that mean that I can give him oral herpes if he has oral sex with me? We haven’t been having sex at all because I keep getting conflicting answers and we’re aftaid of just making it worse for each other 😕
  3. I know it sounds hoakie but Dr Oz has a great video that explains how oregano oil works with viruses in general. Also be very mindful that you are only using therapeutic grade oil if you are taking it internally.... and dilute the hell out of it, it’s VERY firey if it’s a true oil.
  4. My partner was just diagnosed simplex 2 and the doctor asked if he wanted to start on the antiviral. What are the pros and cons?
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