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  1. Hey, sorry for the long reply. Haven't bene on here in a while and that's because things are getting better! Don't worry love. For dance classes, I use coconut oil right before to help avoid friction. after class, do a good wash of the area then put on cotton underwear and loose pants. I found that this has helped me. All will be well X
  2. Yes I did! My doctor wouldn't switch me to valacycolvir, so she upped my meds to 400mg x3 per day of acyclovir. Since then, things have been a bit better (had 2 full weeks of no outbreaks in May!!!).. However, this month I recently went off of birth control to see if it helped and due to that I got a yeast infection. That cleared up and now I think I am on the brink of an outbreak, so I'm trying to prevent it... so all in all, I think it's getting a bit better with time, just not great yet. Thanks for asking - hope you're well xx
  3. Thanks for replying. I'm currently on 400mg x2 of acyclovir a day, but clearly it isn't working. So, I think I'll take your advice and call the doctor to switch medication. Hopefully, that will do the trick! Thanks so much!!!
  4. Also a 21F in college and hell yes, I agree!
  5. Thanks for replying.. I'm still using acyclovir and have found it's not working very well.. May go to the doctor and ask to switch to valacyclovir!
  6. I bought a diva cup and love it!!! Better for the environment too. Thanks for the advice 🙂
  7. I bought a diva cup and love it!!! Thanks for the advice 🙂
  8. Hey all, So, I just need some reassurance.. I was diagnosed with HSV in February and ever since then, I have had consistent outbreaks. Only 3 weeks total have I not had an outbreak (oh, the bliss). I'm just frustrated with the fact that I keep getting them because I eat well (high lysine foods, gluten free, no coffee, sugar and alcohol every so often), exercise a lot as I am in a dance program (and do yoga on the side), and take antivirals, lysine, and lots of vitamins everyday. I also use essential oils on my outbreaks... What am I doing wrong? Is my body just getting used to the virus and figuring out how to fight against it? I've heard that the first 6 months to a year are the worst. So my question is, should I be doing more to stop the outbreaks, or do I just need to be patient for my body to get used to it.. will I ever have a solid month without one outbreak? Is this normal? I'm pretty positive and have come to terms with having it as it has brought a lot of perspective in my life - I just want these damn sores to go away!! If someone could respond that would be amazing. Thanks 🙂
  9. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone could give me advice on what to do during a period and an outbreak at the same time! What would you recommend tampons or pads? Not sure what to choose. Thanks!!! Have an amazing day!!
  10. I was diagnosed with HSV two months ago and have had constant outbreaks since then (only had one week free, so that's a positive!). Was wondering if there are any dancers on here and how they deal with outbreaks? I recently went a week without an outbreak, but had prodome symptoms. Then last Monday I had two dance classes back to back (and of course I'm wearing tight clothing), so after the dance classes, I had another outbreak and it's still going on because I have had more dance classes throughout the week. Just wondering if any other dancers have advice on how to prevent outbreaks?? I eat healthy, and take lysine, acyclovir 400mg x2, and other vitamins everyday. So, I'm assuming that my outbreaks are due to friction, which kind of sucks because the program that I am taking requires me to dance 4 days a week and I have to wear tight clothes. Oh the joys of herpes, am I right? hahah
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