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  1. Oh please do not worry about passing it on during partner dancing! The only way you can pass on HSV2 is through sexual intercourse and unless you are having sex with your dance partner, then there is not a problem. From my understanding, the virus cannot be transmitted through clothing, so you have nothing to worry about! Trust yourself and keep on dancing! ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Hi! I didn't notice a correlation between the two to be honest. I've went off birth control and recently have come back on and it has affected my outbreaks, etc. I've found that since i've started to eat really healthy (ie. no sugar or the absolute minimum, gluten free, dairy free), drink lots of water, and exercise 4-6 times a week, my outbreaks and prodome symptoms have pretty much gone away. My last outbreak was end of January (that was due to high stress) and I get itchy/tingling now and again. Also, it's been over a year since my diagnosis, so my body is probably getting used to the virus
  3. I agree. I don't think it's not smart to go ahead without condoms. We both need to be comfortable without using them and I don't. So, I will stand my ground! Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  4. HI all, Hope you're all safe and healthy! I've had HSV2 since February 2019 and have since then started dating an old boyfriend again. He has accepted my diagnoses and realizes the consequences. Since we started dating, we have always used condoms and have avoided sex during an outbreak or prodome symptoms. He is H- as of now from what we gather. However, he now wants to start having sex without a condom (I am on birth control). He says he knows that we could possibly get it, but I really don't think he understands the true outcome of him being H+. I'm not sure how comfortable I am not u
  5. Hey, sorry for the long reply. Haven't bene on here in a while and that's because things are getting better! Don't worry love. For dance classes, I use coconut oil right before to help avoid friction. after class, do a good wash of the area then put on cotton underwear and loose pants. I found that this has helped me. All will be well X
  6. Yes I did! My doctor wouldn't switch me to valacycolvir, so she upped my meds to 400mg x3 per day of acyclovir. Since then, things have been a bit better (had 2 full weeks of no outbreaks in May!!!).. However, this month I recently went off of birth control to see if it helped and due to that I got a yeast infection. That cleared up and now I think I am on the brink of an outbreak, so I'm trying to prevent it... so all in all, I think it's getting a bit better with time, just not great yet. Thanks for asking - hope you're well xx
  7. Thanks for replying. I'm currently on 400mg x2 of acyclovir a day, but clearly it isn't working. So, I think I'll take your advice and call the doctor to switch medication. Hopefully, that will do the trick! Thanks so much!!!
  8. Thanks for replying.. I'm still using acyclovir and have found it's not working very well.. May go to the doctor and ask to switch to valacyclovir!
  9. I bought a diva cup and love it!!! Better for the environment too. Thanks for the advice ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. I bought a diva cup and love it!!! Thanks for the advice ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Hey all, So, I just need some reassurance.. I was diagnosed with HSV in February and ever since then, I have had consistent outbreaks. Only 3 weeks total have I not had an outbreak (oh, the bliss). I'm just frustrated with the fact that I keep getting them because I eat well (high lysine foods, gluten free, no coffee, sugar and alcohol every so often), exercise a lot as I am in a dance program (and do yoga on the side), and take antivirals, lysine, and lots of vitamins everyday. I also use essential oils on my outbreaks... What am I doing wrong? Is my body just getting used to the virus
  12. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone could give me advice on what to do during a period and an outbreak at the same time! What would you recommend tampons or pads? Not sure what to choose. Thanks!!! Have an amazing day!!
  13. I was diagnosed with HSV two months ago and have had constant outbreaks since then (only had one week free, so that's a positive!). Was wondering if there are any dancers on here and how they deal with outbreaks? I recently went a week without an outbreak, but had prodome symptoms. Then last Monday I had two dance classes back to back (and of course I'm wearing tight clothing), so after the dance classes, I had another outbreak and it's still going on because I have had more dance classes throughout the week. Just wondering if any other dancers have advice on how to prevent outbreaks?? I eat h
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