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  1. I been recently diagnosed and did not think much of it . Met a guy , had a brain fog and had sex with him . the only thing is that he tricked me into thinking he woukd wear a condom , while he took it off in the last minute . After sex , I told him it's dangerous not to use protection. he said he doesn't care ,since he can not get hard with a condom . Besides that we spend a lot of time together ( him worshiping me , we walk , talk , eat , watch movies , share things . ) during that time of mostly enjoying each other company . When it was time to have sex again I disclosed . So he dumped me almost immidiatelly . What hurts is that we live in the same appt building and he completelly ignores him . When he was around me couple of times he act like i have no value . I don't get why he can not at least treasure the moments that we has becides sex and remain friendly . I though it meant something
  2. Just got recently diagnosed and soon after got dumped like yesteday trash after disclosing . it hurts but at the same time the way that person did it showed his true colors . If it would not be for herpers , I sure would invest years in the relationship wirh someone who have " no empathy ". And it end up saving me from future emotional pain and suffering . Hardship brings out true colors . At the end of a day it's about being kind
  3. i got this ghosting responce after I disclosed to someone with who I had unprotected sex due to him tricking me , saying he has a condom on while he did not . Both of us were at fault , me - having a brain fog , him no carrying if I am healthy or not . But after I told him - he afyer that acted like I don't exist . It is terrible way to treat someine like that . She is just a bitch.
  4. It's ok , just tell me that instead of disappearing.Many hours that I spend with a guy was not about sex . Talk,walk , eat . movies . I would be ok not having sex with him but remain social .Instead he dumped me like a piece of trash
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