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  1. Yes. It is putting your health at risk. Herpes is a disease.
  2. Why do so many people do this? I get the need to be accepted but it doesn't make it right. Nobody is obligated to risk their health for you. It doesn't make them an asshole to decide they don't want to risk it.
  3. The constant minimization of herpes makes me angry.
  4. I can't believe people are sticking up for this woman. People are so desperate for herpes to be normalized that they will defend anything. it's sickening.
  5. So you knew you had herpes and didn't disclose? It doesn't matter if you did or didnt know you could spread herpes through oral... This is still on you...
  6. There are actually people advocating non-disclosure? That is despicable. I feel like a lot of people have convinced themselves that herpes isn't a big deal. I see people minimizing herpes all the time Referring to it as "just a rash"" amongst other ridiculous thing. It is as if they feel herpes is as insignificant as the common cold. I can see why some would feel it's okay to put others are risk or God forbid infect people, when they have this attitude.
  7. I want to hear from people who were cheated on and caught it or were infected by a person who knew but didn't disclose. How do you deal? I am really struggling with the unfairness if it. The decision to put my body at risk was made for me and I am really angry. If this was of my own doing, I don't think I would be struggling this much.
  8. The fact that I got this because someone I thought I was monogamous with decided to be a whore makes this 100x worse.
  9. It was him. I have been with him since I was 17 ( am 28 now ). I have very little sexual experience prior to him.
  10. Yeah. This is why I have no hope of ever finding anyone.
  11. Most people don't want to date someone with herpes. And I don't blame them in the slightest. Why should someone put themselves at risk when there are plenty of clean people out there? I personally would not date someone with herpes if I didn't have it. This doesn't make me or anyone else a bad person. Herpes is painful, can be debilitating and yes. gross. I don't see why anyone would put themselves at risk knowingly. And who wants to have to wear condoms in a long term relationship?
  12. Long story short. My long time boyfriend cheated on me and gave me herpes. I am so angry right now. Because he stepped out I have to suffer the consequences. I have to suffer from this disgusting disease for the rest of my life. Herpes is not just a skin condition to me. Its nasty and painful. Breaking out in oozing sores that last for weeks is freaking nasty. Period. So I either have to look forward being on antivirals for the rest of my life or look forward to constant outbreaks. F that noise. I'm not living my life like that. Did I mention that I also have a special needs son? No man is going to want to date me with having herpes on top of that. He doesnt want me and he just made sure nobody else will, either. Don't try to convince me that's not what he did. The fact is most parents of special needs kids have a hard time dating. Go look at parent forums and you will see that most special needs moms end up alone. So I also have a life of solitude to look forward to.My life is hard and lonely enough as it is. I'm not adding this to the mix. I refuse to live like this. I don't care how many people have cold sores.
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