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  1. Mr. Hopp, Question for you: Since you have been in a relationship for a few years now and married, do you have unprotected sex with your wife now that you are on daily anti-virals? How is it possible to continue a relationship with your monogomous partner without infecting him/her using ONLY antivirals? I am assuming this is what your relationship has manifested to, please correct me if i'm wrong.
  2. Hi Everyone! I am a man who has been diagnosed with HSV2 about a month ago. All the other mental and emotional trauma this has caused me aside, i am mainly worried about my chances of someday having my own family. Since I can never have unprotected sex again without fearing transmission, how will I ever be able to get my future partner pregnant? How do you all who are in the same situation have come to have families, without being infected, or is that too optimistic of a goal? What can I expect on that front in the future planning? I appreciate everyone's input on this. Thank you!
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