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  1. So I've now had three outbreaks in the last three months. They seem to go in a cycle on a week off for three weeks and then it returns. It's not a bad outbreak when it does but it's a little discouraging because I was hoping to have a lot less of them. Is it normal to have outbreaks like this? Will they reduce and slow down in time? What's your experience with them?. I read a lot of people only have a few a year and maybe my immune system isnt good and that's the reason I've had them so close together. I dont know how true that is.
  2. 31. Male. From North Carolina. Would be nice to make some friends here. Message me maybe?
  3. I'm 31. Male. From North Carolina. It would be nice to meet some people on these forums maybe create a good friendship with some of yall. I'm funny. Crazy. In a good way.
  4. Ah I'm kind of in the same boat. Getting these sensations and itches but no OB yet.
  5. I'm just healing from a breakout and I still dont fully understand my triggers or signs of prodrome yet. I can say the sores have fully healed but I'm starting to get little odd feelings in that area accompanied by mild itching. It's been almost two days I feel like this is prodrome and I'm wondering how long it lasts and does it always mean another outbreak is oncoming? I hate to think I'll have one back to back.
  6. I'm 31 years old I was diagnosed with hsv2 around the middle of august. Not sure exactly how long I've had it to be honest I'm still confused. I have had an outbreak since the diagnosis I feel like the stress of it triggered it and not necessarily an initial outbreak . I'm afraid I may of had it for awhile because I've had some minor symptoms in the past that I just chalked up to skin irritation. I did the right thing and I told my ex girlfriend about my diagnosis and one other girl i messed with after my ex(these are the only two women I've messed with in the past few years). It was very hard
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