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  1. I keep reading about the topic all the time. I was looking at my test results from Oct and realized that my test was a blood test don ed for HSV igM. I have heard that igM test results are not reliable. Is that true? Should I go back and get another test done for igG?
  2. @100918 Thank you for the response. So does it mean that there is a possibility that your partner who is negative today can be tested positive in the future?
  3. Hi I havent had this virus since 20s but I can understand what you must be going through. Feel free to write.
  4. @VA2121 please dont feel bvb depressed. I think all of us are going through the same situation with this disease. Birds is right, you may have chosen your wife because of this disease but if your life is good you have lovely kids then work on developing love for her. If she loves you its not going to be fair for her if you leave now. Also I am 38, I don't know about you but I feel that at my age I am not sure if I will fall in love. If I find a partner the live might develop gradually. That can happen with you as well. You might need to work on it.
  5. So if anybody is asymptomatic does it mean that their test will come negative? If the test is negative does it mean that the person does not have H?
  6. @Sumshine I wish there was. I recently met a guy I got a marriage proposal. He demanded honesty and transparency so I told him about my H. He appreciated my honesty but refused to go ahead with the proposal because he wanted to be intimate with his new wife without being infected. I have been very depressed in the last few months. I know its next to impossible to find a guy who would be ok with no intimacy.
  7. @VA2121 I don't know if being in such a relationship is right or wrong but I also have the same thought in my head that I don't want to pass this to anybody.
  8. @Sumshine Having such a supportive partner is really great.
  9. Hi @Sumshine thank you for the suggestion, but I dont know any such site. I don't think people talk about these things in that country.
  10. @Sumshine your story is very encouraging. I would like to know was it easy for your husband to accept you with H?whow did he not get it? Was he taking some meds as well?
  11. I found out in october 2020 that I have HSV-2. My boyfriend broke up with me in October. Few days later I found some herpes ointment in his closet that he ordered 2 years ago. When confronted he said he was scared when I complained about bumbs and bought the meds online. He got tested in Aug-Sept 2020 but never told me about it. He said his tests were negative. I feel he broke up with me because of H. I am an Indian girl and marriage is important in our culture. I got back into the marriage circle and met a guy. When I told him about my H he appreciated my honesty but refused to have a relationship. Thats when it dawned on to me the 1st time how serious it is to have H. I have started feeling depressed and I have cried non-stop since. I have also felt suicidal because its not going to be easy or even possible for me to find a husband. I cannot reveal it to my parents and the feeling of being alone and lonely forever has been creeping into me. I dont have kids but I do want to have them. I have lost all positivity and feel scared all the time. I dont know what to do.
  12. Hi I understand where you are coming from. I am an Indian as well and I am struggling through the same thing. I dont knw how to tell my parents that I can't get married with this issue.
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