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  1. Does anyone else have underwear of clothes that you're afraid to ware after you've worn them during an outbreak? Of course after you've washed them. Even if I wash them I'm still hesitant to ware them again in fear I'll infect myself again or something. I know it's probably not possible for the virus to live on clothes especially after you've washed them but I just freak myself out for some reason. Anyone else get this way?
  2. I tried today but it's not even close to coming to any type of surface. For the past four days it seemed to be going away but today it's pretty red and you can tell its irritated again. I just get so frustrated cause I never get the classic symptoms like I did when I first was diagnosed with HSV 1. I almost wish I did so I knew how to treat it. I am on suppressive therapy but I've had breakouts where I knew it was an outbreak. This one bump is on the boarder of my labia and the inside labia, If that makes sense. Even when I touch it it's never been soar or itchy. Since my doctor knows I have herpes if I go to him with this (cause it's happend before) he just says yes must be one since you have it already and doesn't even look at it up close. So when I read your experience I had to ask you about it. @stillmebutwiser
  3. @stillmebutwiser about your clogged duct did you think it could be a herpes outbreak? I know I have it but I've had this one bump for almost three weeks that doesn't turn into anything it's just red some days, and some days it's just flesh colored. But it's there and drives me crazy cause I can't have sex with my husband and we're trying to have a baby. Can you tell me more about the clogged duct? What did it look like and feel like compared to a herpes outbreak? Thanks
  4. Hi! I double up on meds as soon as i know I'm getting an outbreak. I also go into attack mode on that baby. Over the years an being on suppressive therapy my outbreaks are just bumps that are red but never turn into blisters. I apply tea tree oil to the bump twice a day until that guy is gone. It's usually 2-5 days. I might take 2legit2quit's advice and not double up on meds and see if there's any difference the next time! Cause there will be a next time.
  5. My lesions don't have white heads and never appear in this location. I've had it for 10 years and have been on suppressive therapy for two years. Maybe it's just a milder outbreak. Now I'm afraid to workout though Ahhh. And I just turned 30 so I don't think it has to do with hormones. Since yesterday it's cleared up pretty good, I can't see it but can feel a little bump where it was. I'm treating it as an outbreak just in case. I guess a good question would be for people who've had it awhile what are their outbreaks like now, compared to when they first contracted it.
  6. I have HSV 1 on my lady parts, I've had it for at least 10 years. This outbreak I'm having is way different than the others. I've always worked out but just two weeks ago I got a red bump where I don't normally break out at. It never turned into anything but a bump. I'm on suppressive therapy so I just doubled up on my meds till it was gone. A week later it's back! Same spot! This time it did have a whitehead on it so I put some tea tree oil on it and it made the whitehead pop and I saw a little blood on the q-tip. After that it seemed to be healing. Not itchy or soar at all! Hours later there's another whitehead on it. So frustrating because I know I have herpes but does anyone else get these symptoms?? I have been working out a lot but I make sure to change out of my sweaty clothes asap. Any feedback would be nice. Thanks
  7. So I've had herpes for 10 years now and the last few outbreaks Ive been able to knock them down from 7-10 days to about 3-5. It could be my body just learning how to heal faster because I've had it so long, or that I'm on suppressive therapy but I do still get outbreaks once every 6 months. I'm currently having an outbreak right now, and I actually had one two weeks ago as well. I had mid terms for school and I think the stress of that is what caused me to break out twice in the same month. But oh well, I have it, and this is how I treat an outbreak. Whenever I feel a tingle or an itch that just wont go away, I know an outbreak is on it's way. I already take 1000 mg of Valtex daily so I double up my dosage right when I feel that itch. I also take 1000 mg of L-lysine. Usually the itch lasts about a day before I can actually see the outbreak. My outbreak is always just one bump in the same spot, so I know where to look. Right away I put some tea tree oil on a q-tip and I dab it on the bump. I allow the tea tree oil to dry completely before I put on underwear or clothes on (use a blow dryer or fan to dry it faster) I do this 3-4 times that first day I see the bump. Once I see that there's an open soar, I apply tea tree oil to the soar and Aluminum Alum (suggest by @WCSDancer2010) The Alum is amazing! I do this for the rest of the time the soar is open, which isn't very long. The Alum dries that baby right up. I go back to using just tea tree oil once I can see the soar is closed and is healing. Once I cant visibly see the soar or bump and the itch is gone I stop applying the tea tree oil and I stop doubling up on my Valtrex and go back to only taking the 1000 mg a day. I've found that this is the best method that works for me. Before I started taking suppressive meds I was only taking Valtrex when I would get an outbreak and not apply anything to it. So I think that's why they took longer to heal. I take suppressive therapy because I want to protect my husband. I've been with him the whole time I've had herpes and I've been very careful for him not to contract it. And it's worked! I also feel that sharing your experiences and talking to people who are dealing with the same situation helps in the healing process. This forum is everything to me. I no longer get depressed when I get an outbreak. I know I'm not alone. We have a skin condition that just has a very ugly stigma to it. I hope this helped anyone who doesn't know how to treat an outbreak. P.S. I also take this time (when I have an outbreak) to pamper myself and relax. I book a spa day or I have a spa day at home. I turn on some good music, hang out with my husband and dogs, and slow my life down. It's a good time to reflect on myself and how I'm treating my body. I think of an outbreak as my body saying, hey, slow down, take a little time for yourself and stop stressing out. :)
  8. Hey!! I love working out. I've been living with herpes for 10 years now. My outbreaks are mild (just one sore that usually heals within 5 days) but when I have an outbreak I feel that working out isn't such a good idea. Mostly because it gets pretty sweaty down there and I like to keep that area as dry as possible when I have an outbreak. I hate that I have to take time off from working out just because of an outbreak. My question is when you're having an outbreak what kind of workouts do you do? Or do you change your regular workout routine because of the outbreak?? Id love to hear back from you! Thanks
  9. Update*** So I tried out the alum and it's amazing!!! My outbreak was past the blister stage and at the open soar stage, popped that alum on and checked it out an hour ago and I seriously can't even tell where the outbreak even was!! Only two hours after applying it. Just dried that baby way up. Yes it did sting like crazy but it's not bad at all. Thank you sooooo much @wcsdancer2010 I'm so thankful you suggested to use this. I was using tea tree oil, which worked but not as fast as the alum! This bottle is going to last me a lifetime too haha
  10. @wcsdancer2010 Just got my alum in the mail. How do you suggest I use it? My outbreak is healing, one small open soar. It looks like salt. Do I crush it up? Or just apply it straight to the outbreak? And I'm prepared to get my dancing shoes on haha. Thanks again
  11. Today my good old friend hsv came to visit me once again. Every time I would get an outbreak before I would obsess over it, look at the soar constantly, be depressed, and drive myself crazy! But this outbreak is different. I'm actually ok with it. I'm more upset about these two huge pimples I have on my face right now. And I think I feel this way because I've finally realized it's not a big deal. I have this for the rest of my life, like getting a pimple or my period. It's going to happen. I'm on suppressive therapy so I'm just upping my dosage, waring looser clothing, making sure I'm eating healthy and not stressing out so much. When I stress out, bam I get an outbreak, even on suppressive therapy. It just feels amazing that for once I'm not thinking this is the end of the world. Before I wouldn't want to do anything that made me happy. Today, I went shopping and gave myself an at home facial (currently have my mud mask on now) So anyone reading this, don't best yourself up for having hsv. Yes it sucks, but so does getting your period. This forum has also helped me out so much. I just ordered some aluminum alum thanks to @wscdancer I'll keep you updated on how it works, whenever I get my next outbreak (because it will happen) and I'm cool with that! :)
  12. @whitedaisies I do feel very lucky for him. And you're right, less stressing and more focusing on the love I've found!! Thank you!
  13. I love this idea!! I'm first of thankful for my husband. Without him I don't know where I would be. We've been together almost 10 years (since high school) and he loves everything about me! I'm so blessed to have such an amazing and understanding person in my life. Even though he is h free he still loves me and just laughs at me when I show him an outbreak. He's my soulmate! I'm also extremely greatfull for this forum. It helps me so much when I'm feeling down. Everyone is so positive and amazing. It really makes me rethink why I get so depressed about this skin condition. Also thankful for air conditioning! It's hot in California!! Xoxo
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