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  1. Totally agree with all of the comments above- do this for YOU. Lord knows what I wold do and say if my giver was to contact me again. I would almost welcome the chance to say something to him. Good luck to you :)
  2. Breathe, your words truly uplift my spirit every time I read a post by you... Lively, and Virgo Girl, the same goes for you. Thank you so much for your support. Today is a new day and I am going to start it off healthy, and with a clear mind. Since I don't talk to people about this much you ladies re my rock and are very much appreciated ;) just wanted to write this quick not before I get ready for my day..love to u all ;)
  3. Thanks guys, Today was sort of rough since I started missing him. But I know he wouldn't have been good for me in the long run.. I erased his number so I can't contact him out of desperation.... I know I deserve better, just didn't know it would be this hard.
  4. Hey all, Thanks very much for the support. It did make me feel like less of a person even though I know this is not the case.. I do give myself credit for telling since I haven't been all the way truthful in my past experiences. In the end, this should get somewhat easier with time. Just working on me now is what I am committed to doing.
  5. So, I have been talking to this guy for two weeks. We have seen each other everyday, and text all day and night. I have not felt this way about anyone in a long time. Yesterday we were at my house, laying down, and he asks about stds. This is the first time a man EVER asked. So, after hesitating for a moment I told him my story and status. At first he had no reaction. A blank face, no words. Then, he said thanks for your honesty, got his stuff together, and left. No kiss, no nothing. I explained the disease in the best way possible, even letting him know transmission rates, and ways to be care
  6. Hey Guys, Really quick question! I have HSV2, but have noticed that since I was diagnosed I get those little white bumps on the tip and side on my tongue. I think that they are usually called "lie bumps" . I was tested and do not have HSV1. Anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks ;)
  7. Omg! Great story! Hope everything works out!!! I am taking some of your disclosed combo and using with with the next guy I really care about ;)
  8. Seems that I have a lot of learning to do ;) thanks a million for giving me so many things to thing about/ evaluate.
  9. Thanks very much lively! You are entirely correct- I think I am more upset with myself for even bringing myself down enough to go to a mans house at two am as if I didn't know why he called me... I do have some self esteem issues as one stemming from having herpes, and some from other things. Very good suggestions on how to approach him with the info. I am just terrified he will tell people at work :/ there haven't been to many people I have told about my "situation" and I have never let anyone get close enough to me (men) to be able to find out. I appreciate your love and acceptance...I
  10. Thanks so much Adrial! I haven't heard from the guy since our encounter, but I appreciate your suggestions ;)
  11. I would like either a male or female buddy in the Chicago area...Anyone?
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