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  1. Thank you my throat still feels a little weird maybe it just a sore throat hopefully
  2. How likely is it to contract HSV 2 orally if you already have HSV1? I had a one time exposure orally about a week ago did not have any other type of sex but orally, me to him the next day my lip feels tingly and a week later I have a sore throat with swollen tonsils no fever or no feeling of being sick just sore throat and swollen tonsils, should I be worried?
  3. I had sex last night and found out I have a yeast infection as well but I ended up having a what looks like a small cut tear kinda looks like a sore and burns when I pee and when I whipe I hurt up to my anal but idk if I am just sore and the cut is from having dry sex or the result of the yeast infection should I get the cut cultured? Does it sound like a case of hsv this is a new partner to me we've have protected sex but once I did have unprotected sex for a few second can I still have contracted hsv? Any comments help
  4. @janedoe well I guess non of the places can't see me and I would have to go to urgent care if I do so idk if I am over exaggerating or not idk what to do cuz I still feel kinda soreness but I don't feel the bumps anymore they went away idk if I should just not stress about and just not get it checked since I already got checked and came out negative
  5. So unfortunately I got these bumps on the outer part of my vagina by where my thighs hit and rub they look like little bumps that turn into a big bump and the are only swollen during the day and overnight they get flat but still red it's weird I'm getting kinda stressed out so I think I'm going to the dr to get them checked out cuz I just started a new relationship and I wanna make sure I know I don't have anything
  6. @janedoe yeah no I'm not cuz I've had oral hsv 1 for years as well...yeah I have some like itchy parts outside of my vagina right by the time where my underwear hug looks like a heat rash one day I had them on one side 4 days later I have it on the other side that look like cuts but cuz I been scratching a lot...I took the test 6 month post exposure
  7. @sunshineandwhiskey but why did you do the culture did you have bumps? Or what made you go get a culture? But before you didn't have any cold sores to make you think it was orally and thank you they do suck I've been having them for like a year now on and off
  8. @sunshineandwhiskey the thing is I don't know if I have GHSV 1 I only know I have it orally and been having it for years now how did you find out you had it? Well I am gonna look into that because I am so fed up with having this its driving me crazy
  9. @janedoe do I use the white vinegar like a douche?? And do you have hsv?? That's why you get BV? I did already and I am pre diabetic so maybe that's what's causing it not sure...I have gone to PP and to 2 OBGYN to see if they fine something different that's causing it
  10. It's a OBGYN...I have gone when it gets irritated and only comes back positive for BV or yeast it does go away for a bit but come right back it's weird and annoying obviously but it's like the itching goes away and I feel like I'm in the clear and it comes back and it's like at least once it month it happens...right now I've been doing yeast medication I got prescribed 3 pills and take them 3 days apart but feel like those don't help anymore I'm just out of solutions and I need one quick
  11. Back again with questions so I keep getting BV and yeast infections get very irritated and red down there and really dry I spoke to my gyno and he just prescribes me the same medication over and over and I think it doesn't help at all I got tested for hsv 1& 2 was only positive for 1...I recently started getting sexually active after 9 months but still getting irritated and I am dry as well can it be that i might have hsv 1 haven't had any symptom just the irritation and dryness what can it be I'm going crazy cuz I can't even enjoy sex cuz it hurts
  12. @seeker1960 thank you its been 6 months since my last exposure so it is not a recent one but yeah you answered my question thank you
  13. Ok so I got my lab results last week and my results were Hsv1 igg >5.00 Hsv 2 igg> .62 And HSV IgM > 1.55 Everytime I take a these test the igM always come out positive and I asked the Dr about and she said every time I have a recent cold sore that that the igM will always show up positive is that true? Does anyone know?
  14. @WCSDancer2010 ok thank you I am gonna try the link that you gave me for the yeast infections and get in a diet and if its still doesn't go away I will take the western blot test
  15. @fix blood test I got my results already I was negative for hsv 2 but positive for hsv 1 And thank you thankfully I was neg
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