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  1. We are dating now! Had a great discussion and he said that he has felt the same about me but thought that I was " okay" with being friends. He apologized for his reaction and said I caught him off guard and with and with our many drinks that night he couldn't think fast enough and didn't have the right words. Everything is going great, and I couldn't be happier!
  2. Thank you! I have been dating and he knows it, I gave off friendly and positive vibes the whole night. I am definitely doing my own thing, just holding onto a little hope that he will change his mind ( of course he doesn't know that, lol) Was happy when he reached out to me first though. Thanks again everyone! The struggle with H has been hard. After his rejection, I feel I pushed every guy away that was trying to even get to know me. Got rejected again once after him, by some doofus that didn't even walk me to my car, lol Tbh though, I just used him as practice of telling someone in a healthy way because I didn't care if he rejected me or not. Anyway, hope all that makes sense! Have a great day everyone ❤
  3. So just continue to be friends and see if anything transpires?
  4. Well here I am about 4 months later, I was so broken up in January that I forgot to add that we agreed to be friends. We chatted back and forth for awhile but then he started dating someone else for a couple months. Well they ended it recently and he messaged me casually about a restaurant that we had been to a few times, and I told him if he wanted company to let me know because I was kid free. He immediately replied " how does 5 sound?" So we went out ( this past sat) had a great time like we always did ( laughing non stop) but I'm pretty sure, I got more of a friendly vibe from him. He came in afterward and we chatted awhile and he went home, and said he would " for sure" like to get together again soon. Then on Sunday he went on a date ( which he told me about on sat as we exchanged dating stories) and he was bantering with me back n forth about why she wasn't a good match and we were sending funny meme's etc... I'm not sitting around and waiting for him, I've been dating too but since we started talking again, I'm hoping there could be a chance?? One of the things that really bothers me is I never really laid the slim risk out for him. I sent him the pamphlets from this site and may have said some things in my drunken stupor ( in Jan) about how I never have outbreaks and blah blah blah, but I never soberly got to tell him, and now I'm just wondering if I should bring it up again ot let it be? Maybe tell him to watch Adam ruins everything on Netflix ( the one about H) and then give him the % of catching it because I don't think he knows much about it.. Or do I just leave it alone and see if he throws flirty vibes out? We only knew each other a short time, but everytime we went on a date there was no mistaking a connection.. Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. Thank you for your kind reply. I'm going to try to dust myself off. This just really hit hard ( amongst some other things that happened to me this month) which is why I think I was more emotional than usual. We just had such amazing chemistry and it makes me mad that he was able to reject me without even researching. He has been dating for years, and probably has never had a blood test, so he could have it and not even know.. Anyway, I hope this doesn't discourage me in the future. I just feel so sad, I have SO much to offer the right person. Thank you again for your positive reply. Really needed someone to talk to..
  6. It's not very often that you have such a great connection with someone, I've been dating for way too long... So I was praying that he liked me enough to stay. I told him I respected his decision but am bummed out because we had a great connection and he said we totally have a great connection and he is really bummed out as well.
  7. Thank you for the replies. I know I was wrong in doing that, I have done that in the past and thought I was healthier about it because I have had a few calm conversations about it in the past and was proud of myself. The man last night said a few things about the future and it triggered my drunk self to tell him. I totally regret my deliverance and will once again work on telling someone the right way again. I'm just so devastated and mad at myself for how I handled it.
  8. Told a man that I had a GREAT connection with that I Herpes last night. It went terrible. I had alot to drink and cried my eyeballs out. He was nice about it, and said he talked in great lengths with onw of his female friends that dated someone with H. He said that we do have a great connection bit he doesnt want a sex life where he has to " follow rules" in a long term relationship. He even said that it may be selfish of him but thats how he feels. I am completely devastated. This is my first rejection. I did it all wrong amd let alcohol ams emotions get the best me. Has anyone ever had anyone change their mind?? Thank you for listening
  9. Thank you for sharing, such an inspiring story. Gives me hope.
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