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  1. I’ve had back to back outbreaks for the past year and a half with two week breaks in between everytime. I’ve lost hope that it’ll ever be any better. There comes a time when you have to see this condition for what it is: shit. I can’t sugar coat or silver line it anymore, this is single handedly ruining my life. My dating life has been taken from me. I used to get outbreaks twice a year and that was manageable and I could take a positive approach towards it but not I’m way beyond that point. I’m otherwise a very pretty girl and I feel like that has been taken away from me, I mean how can I expect anyone to want to sleep with me? I wouldn’t. Between outbreaks I’ve always had hope that it would get better and felt genuinely happy but they always creep back and I end up back down the rabbit hole again. I’m not living like this. I’d rather die tbh, I’ve talked about it with many people but I’ve accepted that there are no magical words that’ll change how I feel. I’ve thought about suicide many times and I think I’m ready to put myself out of my misery and leave a pretty body.
  2. Thanks for reaching out... Yes we’ve all been through that dark place, I’m not gonna lie, there are days when it’s rough still, but believe me people will still love you. It took me two years before I told anyone, but when I started to open up about it it was truly liberating. Opening up about it is probably the hardest part of the battle but believe me each time it becomes easier and the alternative is much more painful. I was in denial about it to myself and everyone else for a couple years and eventually it consumed me and I discovered what it feels like to “come out of the closet”. Don’t stay in that closet, please. Do it in your own time, it’ll be a journey but you have people that support you through it and there’s still amazing things to look forward to. If you need someone to have a proper skype call then please reach out to me. Good luck.
  3. So, all of you who’ve been diagnosed have agonised at some point of having your whole network find out I’m sure, well this week has gone somewhere along those lines... i started a new job two weeks ago, I both work and live with the same people all the time, it is a male dominated company and being one of the few females means that I’ve had a few men chase after me. I took a liking for one of them and went on to do the good ole’ disclosure. He first said he would think about the implications it would have, so I gave him time to think about it. He was quite distant the next day and I figured things had turned for the worst. The next thing I know I hear echoes from another coworker, the word had gotten around in no time... I suddenly felt a strong sense of empowerment and it’s like I’d been preparing for this moment for a long time. I was proud of myself for having done the right thing and disclosing to him regardless, but I knew I wasn’t going to let him humiliate me without some serious repercussions. I started out by confronting my colleague who denied having ever mentioned anything to anyone, you realize in moments like these that no matter how charasmatic someone can be, just what a weak mind they can truly possess, and that’s the gift that we all have, we have the ability to sass out people for what they really are and quick! So I went on to tell my manager, who also already knew. He had my back and now I’m in the process of filing a complaint to the big boss, he might potentially get fired for acting the way he did. What I’ Learned from all of this is to embrace the adversity and use other people’s weak minds to your advantage to make a statement; I probably never would have myself told everyone in the company so I’m glad he did the job for me so that I have nothing to hide now, and it feels really good standing up for myself after all these years of silently coping with it! Don’t live in fear guys, use this to empower yourselves!
  4. Hey lovely people! I would love someone to talk to about this! Anyone else here dealing with this abroad? I live in Spain and I'm having problems disclosing with the language barrier, if anyone here has any experience with this issue I'd love to get some advice. I'm also eager to talk to just about anyone about this, I've been dealing with this for 5 years and have kept it a secret for the most part and it's killing me inside to do so. Emails would be preferred right now, thanks! Have a wonderful day everyone!
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